Who Knew GOTV Would Be So Much Fun?

With the election two days away, SEIU-UHW members are turning it up to high gear to talk to as many voters as possible—both over the phone and face-to-face—about voting YES on Prop 30 and NO on Prop 32.

And while there are plenty of volunteers who are veterans to door-knocking and phone-banking, even more people were volunteering for the first time ever.

Maria and Tony Burgos look up their next address for door-knocking

For husband and wife Tony and Maria Burgos of Brotman Medical Center, talking to voters about Props 30 and 32 was their first-ever experience with doing GOTV work. Although they weren’t sure what to expect, by the end of the day, the pair were confidently talking to everyone they saw about the importance of getting out to vote. For Tony, who recently became a citizen, this will also be the first US election he’s ever voted in, and he’s proud to be able to cast his vote on an issue as important as Prop 30: “My first experience with doing GOTV has opened my eyes to how much we need to advocate for Prop 30. These cuts will really hurt the American Dream for so many children, and those kids are our future.”

Shirley Williams from Centinela Hospital was also new to doing GOTV and was surprised at how much fun she had doing it: “I’ve been at Centinela Hospital for 34 years, and this is my first time door knocking for a political campaign. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been extremely pleasant and interested in getting the right information. It’s been fun to be out here talking to the people in my community. I would urge everyone to volunteer too–even if it’s your first time like me!”

Sabrina Coffey Smith, also from Centinela Hospital, agreed that door-knocking had been a really positive experience: “I went door-knocking for Prop 30 and against Prop 32 today, and it’s been great how open and friendly people are about talking to us. Everyone has been really supportive of the work we’re doing. One resident even gave us refreshments because she was so happy that we’re out here volunteering against Prop 32!”

While these members may have walked in as newbies to the world of political action, they’re walking out as seasoned pros who are ready and excited to do more. Want to join them? We’re doing GOTV work all over the state—find a volunteer location near you here.



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