Obamacare Sends San Joaquin County a Boost

After six years of making the same wage, home care workers in San Joaquin County just settled a contract that includes wage increases and additional funds set aside for healthcare coverage.

The extra dollars comes from the “Community First Choice Option” (CFCO), a new Obamacare program that helps people on Medicaid and Medicare more easily receive care and services in their communities rather than being admitted to hospital or nursing home.

This was no simple win for home care workers. Bargaining team members spent time and energy meeting with county officials, making sure the funds were used for home care.

“This is really going to help,” says Claudia Pulido, who takes care of her nine-year-old son Isaac who has cerebral palsy and is also blind. “Home care workers don’t earn much so every little bit helps. And it shows that we are being valued for the work we do to keep our communities healthy at home.”

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