We Have a Date for the Kaiser Election

By Sonia Garcia, Kaiser South San Francisco

Sonia Garcia, Kaiser South San Francisco

I’ve got great news–we’ve got a date for the Kaiser Election! After months of delay tactics by NUHW, the Labor Board told them that “enough is enough,” and has finally set a date.

Ballots will be mailed on April 5th and must be returned by April 29th at 5pm. The actual vote count will start on 10:00am on Wednesday May 1st.

By standing united, SEIU-UHW Kaiser members have won the best contract in the hospital industry, with guarantees our families can count on:

  • Excellent wages that keep getting better (total 18% guaranteed raises over two contracts)
  • PSP bonuses that put thousands more in our pockets
  • Guaranteed fully employer-paid family health coverage with no increase in co-pays plus improved dental coverage (increased to $1,200 per year)
  • Best job security protections in the hospital industry (52 weeks income security)
  • Defined benefit pension plan for ALL SEIU-UHW members, regardless of hire date

And what does NUHW have to offer? Not much. NUHW’s Kaiser workers are going on three and years and still don’t have a contract. In fact, Kaiser gave their final to NUHW members, which has:

  • Lower raises than SEIU-UHW members won
  • Higher medical co-pays— $20 for doctor visits, $10 generic drugs, $15 brand-name drugs, $50  ER visit, $50 outpatient procedure, $100 hospital admission
  • No pension for new hires, only a risky 401(k)
  • Retiree medical no longer fully paid; new hires lose spouse coverage
  • No income security – can be laid off with just 2-weeks notice
  • No PSP bonus
  • No protections from having jobs sub-contracted

I’d say the choice is clear. Now is our chance to move forward with our guaranteed SEIU-UHW contract and be rid of NUHW’s division and failures once and for all.

Click here to tell me why YOU are going to vote for SEIU-UHW in this election. 

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