SEIU-UHW Members at Kaiser are Ready to Win!

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A majority of California Kaiser workers have signed cards committing to vote for SEIU-UHW to protect and improve the best contract in the hospital industry. Together, we’ll keep the great pay, benefits, pension and job security that we’ve won with SEIU-UHW.

But now we have to make sure to turn those commitments into actual votes–ballots will be mailed on April 5th, so be on the look out.

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One Response to “SEIU-UHW Members at Kaiser are Ready to Win!”

  1. Michael March says:

    Becoming union with SEIU-UHW is the best thing that has happened to our dept. We were not represented and were being taken advantage of and now things are getting better at least at the benefits level. Now if we can get the work related issues taken care of then our work production should increase.

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