Kaiser and Its Unions Jointly Denounce ACA Repeal Bill

[Sept. 22, 2017] OAKLAND, Calif. – Kaiser Permanente and its union-represented healthcare employees denounced legislation moving in the U.S. Senate that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and end healthcare coverage for millions of Americans, describing the Graham-Cassidy bill as a major step backwards that is harmful to the country’s health.

“Changes to our nation’s health care laws should increase access to high-quality, affordable care and coverage for as many people as possible, and the Graham-Cassidy bill now being considered in the United States Senate does not meet any of those tests,” wrote Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions in a letter sent today to 200,000 employees. “Instead of passing a bill which takes us backwards, we are urging lawmakers to continue work to pass bipartisan measures to stabilize the current health coverage marketplaces, to help the millions who rely upon the current markets for their care and coverage.”

The letter urged Kaiser employees to call their U.S. Senators and Representatives and ask them to oppose the legislation, and instead focus on helping the 30 million Americans currently without healthcare coverage. A vote on the bill is expected next week in the U.S. Senate.

Kaiser Permanente has operations in eight states and the District of Columbia. The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions represents 120,000 employees working in Kaiser hospitals, clinics and other facilities in those areas.

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