From the Frontlines of Kaiser Bargaining

There’s been a lot of action in bargaining already. Here are answers to the big questions:

What are our bargaining priorities?

The same as they’ve always been. Our SEIU-UHW Bargaining Team and the Coalition are committed to winning a long-term agreement that:

  • Protects ALL our benefits
  • Stops outsourcing
  • Invests in the workforce of the future
  • Provides equal pay for equal work

What can WE do to win a great contract?

Turn up the heat on Kaiser at ALL our facilities. That means making the next round of pickets even bigger and badder than the first round. Click here to find out when the pickets hit YOUR facility!

Why did some small unions leave the Coalition of Unions?

On March 26 — the day before National Bargaining was to begin — a cluster of small unions pulled out of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. These unions left the Coalition because they wanted the right to cut a weak deal with Kaiser over the objections of the majority. Their leaders were ready to agree to a short-term deal with higher healthcare co-pays and regional disparities in wages. The majority of us in the Coalition said NO WAY. So the small unions left the Coalition to go it on their own.

What was Kaiser’s response to the small unions leaving the Coalition?

Kaiser doesn’t know what to do in the face of the small unions breaking away. They refuse to lead. They can’t decide if they want the Partnership or not. They’re lost. The one thing Kaiser DOES know is that, despite record earnings and $32 billion in reserves, they’ll keep pushing to outsource our jobs and cut our wages and benefits. WE REFUSE — and we’ll show Kaiser that on the picket lines, in the workplace, and at the bargaining table.

How long will it take to get the deal we want?

Remember that ALL our rights, raises, and benefits are protected through September of 2019. We have time to fight for a great contract — and this could be a long fight. The best contract in the healthcare industry is worth fighting for, no matter how long it takes.

The 300-member Bargaining Team stormed Kaiser headquarters?

Yes! We let them know that all 85,000 of us Coalition members are dead set on winning a contract that protects ALL our jobs, wages, and benefits. Check it out on TwitterFacebook, Instagram!

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