Kaiser Doubles-Down on Its Corporate Power Play

In a June 5 meeting with leaders from the Coalition of Unions, Kaiser exectives doubled-down on their rules for a “New Partnership.” Under these outrageous new rules:

  •  We would give up our right to speak out and take political action — but Kaiser will keep all their power to outsource, automate, and relocate our jobs.
  • Management could work with a few unions representing a small group of workers to expel a majority of the workers from the Partnership.
  • Kaiser demanded our leaders sign off on this deal without us being able to vote on it!

Check out Kaiser’s original rules for a “New Parternship” here.

AND Kaiser is saying they won’t resume bargaining our National Agreement unless we sign off on these new rules . . . which is ILLEGAL.

We said NO WAY! We will NOT let Kaiser reinvent the Partnership in ways that give them more power to eliminate our jobs, lower our pay, cut our benefits, and silence our voices — and we made that perfectly clear to Kaiser.

We’ve filed Labor Board charges against Kaiser for bad faith bargaining. Our May pickets were huge — and we’ve got more big actions coming up statewide.

And remember, all our wages and benefits are locked in until October 2019 — we’re looking at the long term and won’t just settle for a deal that gives Kaiser all the power!

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