KAISER ALERT: Alliance of Small Unions Cuts Deal with Kaiser

The group of small unions (known as “the Alliance”) that broke away from our Coalition of Unions has reached a tentative agreement with Kaiser.

Kaiser demanded these unions sign away their rights to speak out and take political action. We expected they would get something significant in return for their compliance with Kaiser’s one-sided “Partnership” ultimatum. It doesn’t appear that they have . . .

Kaiser is more profitable than ever before ($3.8 billion in profits last year!) — which makes the Alliance agreement particularly underwhelming:

— Lowest Wage Increases in Decades: Raises range from 4% to 8.75% total, spread out over three years. That’s less than 3% per year on the high end — and WAY less for some workers

— Higher Healthcare Costs: Medical co-pays are doubling for Alliance members.

— No Protections Against Outsourcing: The Alliance agreement does nothing to stop Kaiser’s ongoing attacks on jobs through outsourcing and relocation to lower-paid areas.

Kaiser was demanding much bigger concessions, including the elimination of pensions for new hires and even larger co-pay increases. Some leaders of the Alliance unions were ready to sign off on those concessions.

But SEIU-UHW members in Southern California relentlessly reached out to rank-and-file members of the Alliance unions, urging them to demand that their leaders not accept the total degradation of their benefits. That effort appears to have paid off as these provisions are not in the final agreement.

As we’ve said all along, what happens to this group of small unions in bargaining is not going to define our futures. We’ll continue to fight for a great contact that protects ALL our wages and benefits and STOPS Kaiser outsourcing.

And remember, all our wages and benefits are protected by our local agreement for another year (until Oct. 2019) — including the 3% raise we’ll get on Oct. 1 of this year.

So what can we do right now to win a great contract? Two big things:

(1) Sign our petition to demand that Kaiser STOP attacking our jobs and START bargaining with us. 

(2) Sign up to join our phone banks to protect good jobs and quality care throughout the healthcare industry.

Connect with your UHW leader or Kaiser rep to find out how YOU can take action to protect our jobs, our families, and our patients!

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