Winning on Healthcare Justice

Working people won huge victories in the 2018 election, including electing leaders for Healthcare Justice at the state and federal level in California, expanding healthcare in 3 states, and protecting everyone’s right to fair representation in 2 states.

SEIU-UHW healthcare workers and community members put our support behind these candidates and measures to improve life for working families and our communities.

We Elected Healthcare Justice Champions

We took a stand for candidates who will stand up for healthcare workers and patients, improving healthcare in California and protecting the Affordable Care Act in Congress.

Governor: Gavin Newsom

Congressional District 10: Josh Harder (D)

Congressional District 25: Katie Hill (D)

Congressional District 39: Gil Cisneros (D)

Congressional District 48: Harley Rouda (D)

Congressional District 49: Mike Levin (D)


We Expanded Medicaid In Three States

We supported the work of The Fairness Project to expand Medicaid coverage in three states, helping 330,000 low-income working people to get healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Idaho Proposition 2 

Utah Proposition 3

Nebraska Initiative 427


We Protected Access to Democracy

We supported measures in states to help register voters and make sure that legislative districts are drawn fairly and by the people.

Michigan Proposal 2

Michigan Proposal 3

Nevada State Question #5

Utah Proposition 4Too Close to Call




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