95,000 UHW Members Go ALL IN on Kaiser Fight

It’s a new day in our fight for healthcare justice at Kaiser! SEIU-UHW members have committed 100% to protecting our futures, our families, and our patients.

In a toughly worded resolution, the SEIU-UHW Executive Board has officially made winning at Kaiser our top priority in 2019 by creating a $10.85 million fight-back fund and mobilizing the full power of 95,000 SEIU-UHW members behind that effort.

The resolution calls out Kaiser’s greed, outsourcing of jobs, and attack on workers — and commits “every leader in every role in the organization” to the “all-out effort” to win a new National Agreement that protects jobs, wages, benefits, and quality patient care at Kaiser.

Key excerpts from the resolution:

Kaiser’s Corporate Greed:

“Kaiser is experiencing record profits ($3.8 billion last year), escalating reserves ($29 billion) and out of control executive pay (CEO makes over $10 million a year).”

“Kaiser is on an outsourcing binge, threatening the jobs of hundreds of gardeners, call center workers, LVNs, parking attendants, drivers and warehouse workers, prompting Kaiser workers to ask, ‘Who’s next?’”

“Kaiser is illegally refusing to bargain our National Agreement unless we sign away our right to take political action and speak up for patients.”

A New Day in the Kaiser Fight:

 “The top priority of SEIUUHW in 2019 will be an all‐out effort to ensure that the 85,000 members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions achieve a great National Agreement in the face of Kaiser’s attacks on workers and patients.”

“We will put the full weight of the organization behind a plan that includes large public actions, including pickets, marches, civil disobedience and, if necessary, a strike, to ensure a great new National Agreement.”

A corresponding Budget Resolution “Creates a $10.85 million reserve, in addition to our strike fund, to back up our 55,000 Kaiser members in their fight to win a great national agreement.”

Read the full SEIU-UHW Executive Board Resolution here.

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