Kaiser Gardeners Keep Their Jobs

For one year, Kaiser tried to eliminate the jobs of 63 gardeners in order to outsource them to less experienced workers for poverty wages and no benefits.

But then something amazing happened — check out this video to find out:

After one year of fighting, this happened . . .

We’ve protected these 63 gardener jobs. Now let’s protect all 55,000 of our jobs, wages, and benefits as we bargain our new national contract! Join a picket line at your facility this month to show Kaiser that we’re going ALL IN to win for our patients and our families — talk to your SEIU-UHW leader to join our picket!#HealthcareJustice #WeAreKaiserWorkers

Posted by seiu-uhw on Thursday, May 9, 2019

63 gardeners — backed by 55,000 SEIU-UHW members across the state — fought back against Kaiser outsourcing. We posted on social media, we protested, we sent emails, we talked to executives, and we stickered up at work.

Now Kaiser has committed that these gardeners can keep their jobs permanently.

So remember: When we fight . . . WE WIN!

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