Day 3: Fresno Caregivers Speak Out for Medicare and Medi-Cal

Central Valley Caregivers rally outside Rep. Nunes' Clovis office. Central Valley caregivers and patients joined the coalition of healthcare workers rallying across the state calling on Congress to protect healthcare for millions of children, seniors and families.

Within weeks, a congressional supercommittee will decide whether or not to preserve essential healthcare funding, potentially putting California’s healthcare system in jeopardy.

Medicare and Medi-Cal generate millions of jobs in the healthcare industry and provide a safety net for our most vulnerable community members – including children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Earlier this year, Congress’ debt ceiling deal cost America an estimated 1.8 million jobs. The healthcare industry alone could create as many as 3.2 million jobs over the next six years – jobs that can not be outsourced or shipped overseas.

“With millions of Americans unemployed, our country cannot afford any cuts to vital healthcare funding.”
Shee Yee
Fresno County

“Children need healthcare. They deserve good health.”
Lucy Ferch
Kaiser Clovis

“We demand a healthy California, and Rep. Nunes needs to decide if he will protect the health and safety of our families or advocate cuts that will harm the health of the disabled, seniors and kids.”
Pam Green
Home Care Provider
Fresno County

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