NEWS: Judge Continues to Halt Home Care Cuts

January 20, 2012
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Judge issues preliminary injunction, cuts continue to be on hold

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from Laphonza Butler, President of SEIU ULTCW, after a ruling by United States District Court Judge Claudia A. Wilken that keeps in place the injunction barring implementation the 20 percent cut to the state’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program.

“Judge Wilken’s ruling affirms what long-term caregivers have long known: the in-home care services we provide are the most compassionate option for seniors and people with disabilities and the best alternative to costly institutionalization.

“Unfortunately, seniors and people with disabilities have been the target of state budget cuts time and time again, putting their independence and health in jeopardy. This year is no different. Even as this case is in court, a new state budget proposal was released that would illegally endanger the safety and independence of seniors and people with disabilities who need home care in order to live safely at home.

“Rather than subject our parents, grandparents and children with disabilities to an uncertain future year after year, we need to stabilize and strengthen long-term care for the most vulnerable Californians.”

Today’s ruling converted a December 1, 2011 Temporary Restraining Order halting the cuts to a Preliminary Injunction, which means the cuts cannot be implemented at this time.

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