SEIU-UHW Political Action Staff

Management Team

Suzanne Jimenez, Political Director
Los Angeles Office
Direct Phone: 323-888-8286
Cell: 323-215-6452

Michael Borges, Assistant Political Director
Sacramento Office
Direct Phone: 916-321-2302
Cell: 916-396-3772

Rebecca Miller, Director of Workforce Development
San Francisco Office
Direct Phone: 510-869-2213
Cell Phone: 510-207-5116

Gustavo Medina, Director of Government Relations
Sacramento Office
Cell Phone: 916-606-1591


Rick Singleton
Confidential Administrative Assistant
San Francisco Office
Direct Phone: 415-503-5771
Cell: 415-361-9383

Sarah Bonner
Administrative Assistant
Los Angeles office
Direct phone: 323-888-8108
Cell: 323-365-2296

Government Relations Advocates

Joan Allen
Oakland Office
Direct Phone: 510-587-4596
Cell: 510-388-4929

Matt Legé
Sacramento Office
Direct Phone: 916-321-2321
Cell Phone: (916) 835-7816

Political Capacity Organizer

Justine Fout
Sacramento Office
Cell phone: 510-502-0508

Stesha Cintron
Los Angeles Office
Cell phone: 510-502-0508

Angela Tamayo
San Francisco Office
Cell phone: 510-384-8817

Database Analyst

Andrew Drabkin
Sacramento Office
Cell Phone: 916-291-2002

Regional Political Organizers

Northern California

Maggie Thao, Coordinator
Fresno Office
Direct Phone: 559-487-4316
Cell: 559-259-1556

Paul Calderon
Sacramento Office
Desk: 916-321-2317
Mobile: 213-309-3044

Doug Jones
Oakland Office
Direct Phone: 510-587-4564
Cell: 510-409-6065

Terry Sandoval
San Jose Office
Direct phone: 408-557-7606
Cell phone:408-859-3591

Southern California

Eric Alfaro, Coordinator
Los Angeles Office
Direct phone: 323-888-8215
Cell phone: 213-379-4999

Sean Fleming, Jr.
Los Angeles Office
Direct phone: 323-888-8288
Cell phone: 323-236-8742

Shelbi Augustus
Los Angeles Office
Direct phone: 323-888-8276
Cell phone: 323-304-3063

Melissa Demyan
Los Angeles Office
Cell phone: 323-314-6753

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