Executive Board


SEIU-UHW Members Lead Our Union

The Executive Board is the highest leadership body of our union. The Board is democratically elected by other union members and it meets quarterly to determine the vision and direction of our union and to mobilize members into action.

The Executive Board consists of 324 members and a 41 member Executive Committee, which includes the president, vice president, one union member for every 5,000 members by division, and 8 members elected union-wide. Board members are elected by their co-workers at a ratio of 1 member for each 500 members by division and geography.

There are four divisions in the union: nursing home, hospital, Kaiser and home care.

Four members serve as both financial officers and ethics officers. They are also are elected by division and are advisory to the executive board on financial and ethical matters.
The Executive Committee meets monthly to implement decisions of the Executive Board.

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Executive Board Members by division

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