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SEIU-UHW represents over 60,000 home care workers across the state, working hard to strengthen benefits, increase pay, and improve the quality of life for both home care providers and the clients they care for.

Overtime pay is here!

Good news! Starting January 1, California IHSS workers will get time and a half for working more than 40 hours in a week, and travel pay for the time we spend getting from one client to another. This is what our union strength can do. In June, we pushed hard to make sure Governor Brown did the right thing by giving IHSS providers the same rights that all other workers have.

Of course, this means that our timesheets will be changing to reflect the new rules. It is critical that you learn to fill out the new timesheets correctly so that your paycheck is not delayed.

Attend a training in your area to make sure you get the latest information on how to fill out the new timesheets.