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SEIU-UHW represents over 60,000 home care workers across the state, working hard to strengthen benefits, increase pay, and improve the quality of life for both home care providers and the clients they care for.

BREAKING NEWS: IHSS Overtime on hold

On January 14, right before it was scheduled to take effect, a federal judge officially struck down the new law that would finally have given overtime and travel pay to home care providers.

Needless to say, we’re not giving up these basic rights without a fight. The Department of Labor will appeal the ruling, and each state can decide for themselves whether or not to move forward with the original law. Here in California, we are asking Governor Brown to do what’s right and move forward on overtime pay for California IHSS providers.

We encourage all IHSS providers to call the Governor at (916) 445-2841, and ask him to move forward with the law granting for overtime and travel time to IHSS providers. Governor Brown should keep the commitment that he signed last year, and allow home care workers the same basic rights that all other workers in America already enjoy.

UPDATE:  The U.S. Department of Labor has appealed the federal judge’s ruling to block overtime and travel pay for IHSS workers. This case will take some time to make its way through the courts, so in the meantime our best option is to keep the pressure on Governor Brown to move forward with overtime pay here in California. Haven’t signed the petition yet? Do it today!