Home Care

We work tirelessly to improve the standard of living for home care workers, whose skills and hard work allow their clients to stay healthy and live with dignity in their own homes.

Recent highlights of our work include:

• SEIU-UHW home care members won much-needed raises across the state, including the following:

  • +35 cents/hour in Marin County
  • +15 cents/hour in Sonoma
  • +40 cents/hour in Sacramento
  • +15 cents/hour in San Joaquin
  • +21 cents/hour in San Francisco
  • +52 cents/hour in Yolo County.

• Our members enrolled thousands of families into free or low-cost health insurance programs made possible by Obamacare.
• We successfully protected home care providers from a 20% cut to hours, a $2/hour wage cut, and numerous other cuts proposed by State and local governments.
• In Contra Costa County, our members now have access to training courses, thanks to a grant we won from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.