Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force

As dedicated healthcare professionals, SEIU-UHW members have a lot to say about building a healthier California. That’s why we’re taking action with Governor Brown’s Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force. The Task Force is a group of government, community, and healthcare leaders working to make California the healthiest state in the nation. SEIU-UHW helped create the Task Force, and SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan is one of its members. Members formed our own UHW member-led Advisory Committee to discuss our priorities for the Task Force and how to move it forward. We know big problems need big action, and we’re are up to the task.

The Let’s Get Healthy What? Click here for your quick guide to understanding the Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force.

No Time to Lose: What SEIU-UHW is proposing.

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Obamacare Comes to Boyle Heights

This fall, millions of families will become eligible for free or low-cost healthcare through Obamacare. But LA residents are already starting to enroll, thanks to SEIU-UHW, We Care Enough to Act, and the Boyle Heights Healthcare Enrollment Campaign.

We’re holding twice-weekly enrollment events and knocking on doors throughout the region to bring coverage to the families who need it most!

To find out more about getting covered under Obamacare, call our hotline at 323-888-8113.

Boyle Heights_Diaz family_Adriana, Daniel, Cristina, Miguel 4

The Diaz family (l to r: David, Ariana, Cristina, Miguel) signed up for healthcare under Obamacare’s Medi-Cal expansion.

“When someone in my family gets sick, we rush to Mexico to get treatment and medication because it’s too expensive here. But now that we qualify for healthcare, all of us signed up today and we’ll be able to get treatment here in our community.”
– Miguel Diaz

Boyle Heights Liova Cayetano. Mirna & Adan Palacios 5

Mirna (right) signs up for coverage with her mother and brother.

“I don’t want to worry about how my little brother will get care if he’s sick. So I brought my brother and my mom to sign up for healthcare today. It feels good to have people here to walk us through the whole process of getting covered.”
– Mirna Palacios

Boyle Heights Enrollment Event_Miguel Helguera_300w“Right now my insurance costs $2,100 per month—and that doesn’t even include copays and prescription costs. But last week my cousins got enrolled for affordable coverage here and told me about it, so now I’m signing up. I’m letting other people in my neighborhood know because everyone should have the care they need and can afford.”
– Miguel Helguera

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Thanks to SEIU-UHW, Health is Contagious at the State Capitol

This Wednesday, SEIU-UHW members went to the State Capitol to celebrate a big moment for California’s future, and for SEIU-UHW’s Let’s Get Healthy California campaign. After months of discussion, Governor Brown’s Let’s Get Healthy Task Force—named after our own UHW campaign—released its final report on how to make California the healthiest State in the nation. The report proposes solutions to some of the biggest health issues facing our State: fighting chronic disease, lowering healthcare costs, expanding healthcare access, and providing quality of care. SEIU-UHW played a key role in creating the Task Force, and the report includes many of our recommendations. That’s why we celebrated as government, business, and community leaders promised to commit significant resources to make Let’s Get Healthy California a reality.

“We can have it all…but we can’t have it unless literally millions of people start behaving differently than they are behaving now. Unless we build a culture of health in California…that resides in neighborhoods, communities, businesses, in civil society, we will not get there,” said SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan.  For more about the Task Force meeting, read this article by the California Health Report.

The report brought a joyous end to our year-long work to get Let’s Get Healthy California off the ground, and it showed us something important: health is getting contagious in California! That’s why we’re prepared to take real action and ensure that the report leads to real change in Californians’ health.

Jeneua Washinton, Dignity Health Sacramento

I’m excited that people understand that chronic disease is a serious epidemic that needs to be addressed.  But we need action. That’s why I’m going to run a 5K with two of my co-workers and get my hospital more involved in Let’s Get Healthy California!”


Tracy McGlory, Kaiser West LA

“Today proved that more people are with us.  Health is getting contagious! That’s why we have to be the leaders keeping this moving forward.  We have to make this grow.”

Frank Valdez, St. Joseph’s Medical Center


“This thing is growing, and it’s exciting to see that Let’s Get Healthy California has made it all the way to the Capitol.  Now we need to take this great energy and recruit more members to our work and to the 2013 asthma walks!”


James Dade, Jr., Kaiser Richmond

“It’s been great to see that the Governor has pulled together people who can help move Let’s Get Healthy California forward.  It really gives me more drive.  Now we need 10,000 leaders to help us move this forward.  Join us!”




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NEWS: Members Urge Big Action on Chronic Disease

Diana Dooley, Dr. Donald Berwick and Dave Regan

SEIU-UHW members presented our three-part plan to Governor Brown’s statewide Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force November 13 in Sacramento, urging the Task Force to take big, bold steps to reduce chronic disease in California, improve health and quality care, and lower costs.

The Task Force which includes leaders from across California in hospitals, business, academia, foundations, insurance, civic organizations and other groups, was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown. SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan represents healthcare workers and other working people as a member of the Task Force. It is co-chaired by Diana Dooley, California Secretary of Health and Human Services and  Dr. Donald M. Berwick, a former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The Task Force will present a report on lowering the incidence of chronic disease in California on Dec. 19.

SEIU-UHW members Angelica Rivera and Steve Willhite with HHS Secretary Diana Dooley

Angelica Rivera, a SEIU-UHW member from Kaiser South Bay, and Steve Willhite, a home care member from Contra Costa County, attended the Task Force meeting, where SEIU-UHW presented proposals for moving forward quickly. The proposals grew out of SEIU-UHW’s 30-member Task Force Advisory Committee, which has been meeting regularly since June.

“For me, the Task Force raises the question of how on a community level we can implement changes to help people get healthier,” Steve said after the meeting. “We have to figure out how we are going to get it done on the ground, and that’s what our union is pushing for.”

Added Angelica, “It made me think how we have to take it from this meeting room and really teach people about preventive and holistic care. I’m really excited about the role members of our union can play to creatively improve people’s health.”

Here is SEIU-UHW’s three-point proposal:

  1. Launch a statewide schools-based initiative that reaches directly to California’s 6.2 million students and their families to create healthy lifestyles.
  2. Create a Let’s Get Healthy California “Wellness Trust” that would function as a center for the effort to create a new culture of health in our state.
  3. Increase the value of health spending by changing the way we finance health care to reward quality, not quantity, of care.

Learn more about SEIU-UHW members’ various Let’s Get Healthy California projects.

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NEWS: US Conference of Mayors Plans to Take ‘Let’s Get Healthy’ Nationwide

Mayors Endorse California’s Approach Inspired by SEIU-UHW and The California Endowment

For Immediate Release:  Friday, June 22, 2012
Contact: Steve Trossman at (213) 300-1882

Los Angeles—At their 80th Annual Meeting last week in Orlando, Fla., the U.S. Conference of Mayors endorsed SEIU-UHW’s Let’s Get Healthy California campaign, adopting a resolution to replicate the Let’s Get Healthy Task Force in other cities throughout the U.S.

The task force was conceived and promoted by SEIU-UHW and The California Endowment.

Specifically, the Mayors’ resolution called for “Endorsing efforts to replicate in other cities initiatives modeled after the Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force, which will develop a 10-year plan for improving the health of Californians through a sustained effort to promote prevention and wellness strategies and reduce the burden of chronic disease that is crippling local and state healthcare systems.”

Read the full U.S. Conference of Mayors resolution here: www.seiu-uhw.org/mayors-conference

“We are very encouraged that mayors from cities across the U.S. have endorsed the work we are doing with The California Endowment and our other partners here in California to make our state healthier,” said Dave Regan, president of SEIU-UHW. “As the U.S. Conference of Mayors met last week in Orlando, the Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force recently established by Gov. Brown held its first meeting in Los Angeles to start work on our 10-year plan to combat obesity and chronic disease in California. If other cities and states make similar commitments to aggressively combat chronic disease and reduce obesity, then we as a country can head off the growing healthcare crisis and become a healthier nation.”

The Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force is charged by Gov. Brown with developing a 10-year comprehensive plan to significantly reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension and childhood obesity; reduce hospital-acquired infections and lower readmissions within 30 days of discharge; and increase the number of children receiving recommended vaccines by the age of three.

See www.seiu-uhw.org/TaskForce for list of task force members.

 SEIU-UHW launched its statewide Let’s Get Healthy California initiative earlier this year. It is the centerpiece of a commitment by SEIU-UHW members to help workers and people in their communities get healthier to lower costs and improve quality of life. As part of the effort, SEIU-UHW members:

  •  Reached a first-of-its-kind strategic agreement with the California Hospital Association to work together to improve quality care, lower costs, improve the incentives for healthcare funding and engage in high-road labor relations. The Kaiser agreement is an example of how unions and employers can join together to ensure good jobs and improve health.
  • Worked with Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Endowment on an executive order that seeks to significantly reduce chronic disease in California over the next 10 years.
  • Introduced state legislation, with other unions and community partners, to reorganize and improve long-term care in California by reforming the way home care is organized and funded.
  • Received a grant from the California Endowment to sign up people in South Los Angeles for healthcare programs for which they qualify but have not taken advantage of.
  • Working with Kaiser to promote and screen the HBO series “The Weight of the Nation” in an effort to reduce the epidemic of obesity in America.
  • Working in partnership with the pro soccer team Chivas USA in Los Angeles to provide health screenings and information about healthy living before home games at the Home Depot Center.
  • Working with Dr. Nadine Burke, a physician who is taking a unique approach to treating low-income children at the Bayview Child Health Center in San Francisco.
  • Establishing a permanent presence at San Francisco’s Sunday Streets, a massive monthly street festival where SEIU-UHW members are teaching people Tai Chi, engaging children in healthy activities like hula-hooping and basketball, and providing free health screenings for members of the public.


 SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West (SEIU-UHW) is the largest hospital and healthcare union in the western United States with more than 150,000 members. We unite every type of healthcare worker with a mission to achieve high-quality healthcare for all. SEIU-UHW is part of the 2.2 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the nation’s fastest-growing union. Learn more at www.seiu-uhw.org.

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SEIU-UHW Front and Center as Governor’s “Let’s Get Healthy California” Task Force Launches

Head of CA Health and Human Services, Secretary Diana Dooley and SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan.

Governor Brown’s “Let’s Get Healthy California” Task Force met for the first time on June 11 in Los Angeles–and SEIU-UHW had a major seat at the table.

After SEIU-UHW members urged Governor Brown for over a year to stand with us in our mission to lower chronic diseases statewide, he issued an executive order last month to do just that–and he appointed Dave Regan to serve on the task force that will make that mission a reality.

Check out news articles about the event.

SEIU-UHW members Tony Burgos, Julian Gomez, and Les Harris in the house for the first Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force meeting.

At the task force’s first meeting, Regan joined other top healthcare leaders to lay out the roadmap for reducing chronic disease and making major improvements to healthcare. The group explored innovative solutions to confront asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and other preventable conditions that plague Californians–and SEIU-UHW members were in attendance to witness how far our Let’s Get Healthy California effort has come:

“Let’s Get Healthy California started as an idea among SEIU-UHW members a year ago–as healthcare workers, we wanted to take on the chronic diseases that harm so many Californians and make medical costs so high. Now look at what Let’s Get Healthy California has become. Some of the most powerful leaders in the state met today and committed to the mission that we started. This shows the huge impact SEIU-UHW members have when we all work together for the common good.”

Julian Gomez
Kaiser Downey

“This task force meeting showed me how many things SEIU-UHW members can do to make California healthy. SEIU-UHW members are in a perfect position to help so many people live healthier lives: our patients, our families, our communities, and ourselves. We have the backing of all these legislators and leaders and we have the chance to make a huge difference.”

Tony Burgos
Brotman Medical Center

“Let’s Get Healthy California is becoming what SEIU-UHW members envisioned–a huge movement that can improve the lives of millions of Californians. So to all my SEIU-UHW brothers and sisters, join with us to see this project through. Let’s show California and this whole country that healthcare workers are taking the lead on making people healthier and making healthcare more affordable for all.”

Les Harris
Kaiser Sunset

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NEWS: Governor’s Appointment Today of His ‘Let’s Get Healthy California’ Task Force Will Directly Confront Tsunami Of Chronic Disease in California


Contact: Steve Trossman, (213) 300-1882

SACRAMENTO – Dave Regan, an appointee to Gov. Jerry Brown’s “Let’s Get Healthy California” task force and president of SEIU United Healthcare Workers West, issued the following statement concerning today’s announcement of the task force members. SEIU-UHW, along with the California Endowment, worked with the Governor and his staff for more than a year to develop the executive order.

“Asthma, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases are driving our health system off a cliff, creating a tsunami of uncontrollable cost and unnecessary suffering for millions of people in our state. Governor Brown’s Let’s Get Healthy California executive order has opened the door to creating a new healthcare system that directly confronts the epidemic of chronic disease, and I believe in 10 years we will look back at this moment as the first step toward fundamentally changing health and healthcare for the better in California.”

# # #

SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West (SEIU-UHW) is the largest hospital and healthcare union in the western United States with more than 150,000 members. We unite every type of healthcare worker with a mission to achieve high-quality healthcare for all. SEIU-UHW is part of the 2.2 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the nation’s fastest-growing union. Learn more at www.seiu-uhw.org.



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