SEIU-UHW Executive Board Vacancy Elections 2013

The Executive Board is the highest leadership body of our union. The Executive Board determines the vision of our union, direction of our union and mobilizes members into action to realize it all.   Each Executive Board member is expected to uphold Board decisions and will be held accountable to the membership. Members running for office must be members in good standing throughout the election process.  If elected, members must maintain membership in good standing throughout their tenure on the Executive Board so that they can fulfill their promise of leadership to the members.

Eboard 3rd Quarter Election Results Eboard 2nd Quarter Election Results Eboard 1st Quarter Election Results

———————— All Nomination and Election  dates, information  and materials will be posted on www.seiu-uhw/elections2013.  Election Committee email address: Ethics Officers Co –Chairs: Linda Corkill (Kaiser); Ed Nickerson (Hospital): Jake Quijano (Nursing Homes) Members: Leland Ferguson (Kaiser LA Regional); Marjorie Pererira (Dominican Hospital); Diane Chauvin (San Joaquin Homecare); Ancieto Del Pilar (Generations Nursing Homes)

5 Responses to “SEIU-UHW Executive Board Vacancy Elections 2013”

  1. linda thomas says:

    i am reply back to the letter i recieve nomination for july 3 thank u.

  2. Carol Taylor says:

    Hi! I recently started working as a homecare provider but have maintained my retired membership since about 2011.
    Have I been a member in good standing for the required time as a retired member or does “member” mean actively working?
    Carol Taylor

    • Vanessa says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. A response from will be sent to you shortly.

      • Carol Taylor says:

        Thank you for your quick and detailed respinse. For those with the same question – yes, the union’s legal dept. has clarified the matter and retiree membership DOES count toward the 1 year membership requirement.
        Thank you again, Election Committee!

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