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We Believe Leadership Matters

We are the Executive Board of SEIU-UHW — the highest leadership body of our union. As healthcare workers and leaders, we set the vision and program of SEIU-UHW, and we move our fellow members into action for better health and good healthcare jobs throughout California.

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Click here for a bio of President Dave Regan.

Click here for a bio of Vice President Stan Lyles.


SEIU Code of Ethical Practices and Conflict of Interest Policy
Code Handbook (English)  |   Code Handbook (Spanish)

Our Leadership Structure
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    • The Executive Board consists of 219 members and a 27 member Executive Committee.
    • The Executive Committee includes a president, vice president, one union member for every 5,000 SEIU-UHW members by division and 8 additional members elected union-wide.
    • The Executive Committee meets monthly to implement decisions of the Executive Board.
    • Board members are elected by SEIU-UHW members at a ratio of 1 member for every 500 members by division and geography.
    • There are two financial officers and two ethics officers. They are also elected by division and are advisory to the executive board on financial and ethical matters.

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