Political Resources

Change doesn’t just happen at our facilities or with our employers. In order to fix our broken healthcare system, it takes a strong political voice. It starts with YOU—SEIU-UHW members!

Across the state, SEIU-UHW members are building political strength, getting involved in key political races, supporting important legislation and more to help get California healthy.

This page is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to build that strength, take action and talk to your coworkers.

Members + Money  =  Political Strength to Fix Healthcare (COPE) 
SEIU-UHW members make politics work for healthcare. But it takes more than our passion—it takes money to have the political power to fix our broken healthcare system. Get the resources you need to lead on building political strength.

Let’s Get Healthy Calif. Resources
From the Executive Order by Governor Jerry Brown to key legislation to fix home care and hold hospitals accountable for quality care, SEIU-UHW members are leading the way to put the “health” back in healthcare. Get your resources.

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Talk to us: Political action staff 

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