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This page is designed to keep you updated on issues that impact your work and careers as healthcare providers. This includes any legislation that relates your field, healthcare news, and opportunities for you to help determine the future for healthcare workers.

Questions? Please contact Matt Lege at mlege@seiu-uhw.org.

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Is your job changing? Please click here to fill out a survey and tell us about the changes in your job.

Healthcare is changing. Technology and payment reform is only increasing the speed of these changes. We want your help to ensure that we are prepared for the future.

We have created a member-driven group to deal with these changes.

Some of the possible activities that this group could undertake are:

Help members stay informed on workforce trends, like new certifications, or technologies.

Bring your expertise about new trends or changes in your occupation

Increase member engagement and develop a sense of ownership of the SEIU-UHW Joint Employer Education Fund or Ed Fund.

Extending the outreach of the Ed Fund- like putting up flyers, coordinating training, and spreading the word about upcoming trainings.

Giving feedback or coming up with ideas for classes and programs.

Community Colleges

Did you go through the community college system to obtain your training and educations? We want to hear about it. Email Matt Lege at mlege@seiu-uhw.org to share your story.

We want to hear about SEIU-UHW members and how they got their training. Healthcare jobs are in demand and we need an education system to train workers to be a part of the new health care workforce. We want to know if you went to community college or got your training someplace else. Let’s make sure that our children and family have at least the same if not better opportunities to get their education and be a part of the healthcare workforce.


Workforce Development Meetings

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Workforce Meetings

  • February 27 – Teleconference
  • March 27 – Teleconference
  • April 24- Teleconference
  • May 13 -In-Person
  • May 22 – Teleconference
  • June 26 -Teleconference
  • July 24-Teleconference
  • September 30-In-person
  • October 30-Teleconference
  • November 27 – Teleconference

Labor Management Workforce Regional Committees

There are several Labor Management Regional committees operating at Kaiser.

In Northern California:

NCAL LMP Workforce Planning & Development Committee meets monthly. Agenda and materials can be seen, by clicking here.

NCAL LMP SCOPE Committee meets monthly to discuss issues about scope of practice. Agenda and meeting notes can be seen, by clicking here.

In Southern California:

The Workforce of the Future Committee meets quarterly. View the report from our work in 2014 and 2015, by clicking here. Agenda and meeting notes can be seen, by clicking here.

The Patient Navigator committee is looking at the possible creation of a new role to meet the non-medical social needs of patients. Agenda and meeting notes can be seen, by clicking here.

The Communication Sub Committee. This committing meets regularly as needed, to help to ensure that both front line staff and managers are aware of the Workforce of the Future committee. Agenda and meeting notes can be seen, by clicking here.

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