SEIU-UHW Remains Steadfast in Our Support of the Local 39 Operating Engineers

SEIU-UHW Remains Steadfast in Our Support of the Local 39 Operating Engineers

On Dec. 10, our SEIU-UHW Executive Board voted to continue our efforts in support of the engineers’ fight for a fair contract by:

  • Contributing $300,000 to the IUOE Stationary Engineers Local 39 strike fund from our general fund (line item: Solidarity Donations), with the intention that it support our Kaiser engineers;
  • Publicly raising awareness of the importance of the engineers to the care team and quality patient care;
  • Sounding the alarm over unresolved problems with medical equipment and hospital facilities that Kaiser’s replacement engineers are failing to address;
  • Organizing actions in facilities to share these concerns;
  • Mobilizing political support; and
  • Potentially doing an additional sympathy strike in the future.

On November 18, we were all part of the largest sympathy strike in the United States in over a century. 40,000 Kaiser union members from SEIU-UHW, OPEIU Local 29, IFPTE Local 20 were the largest group of working people since 1894 to say we care enough about another group of workers to leave our job, give up pay and take a stand with the Local 39 Operating Engineers.

This is quite remarkable but not at all surprising. As healthcare workers, we have dedicated our lives to caring for others. We have risked our lives and health these past two years to care for patients during the pandemic. After seeing our co-workers, Kaiser engineers out on strike for 62 days, we said enough is enough. We joined them on the line with courage and honor in a moment that will define us for decades to come.

News Coverage

Sacramento Bee
Kaiser strike in Northern California: Engineers uplifted as thousands picket in solidarity
November 18, 2021
Features quote from UHW members Lanette Griffin, Rod Thomson, Adwin Chand (video)

Mercury News
Kaiser strike shutters some services Thursday. Friday could be worse

Thousands of Kaiser Permanente Staff Join Picket Line in Solidarity With Striking Engineers

San Francisco Chronicle
Kaiser union employees to hold sympathy strikes Thursday, Friday in solidarity with Local 39

Fox 40 Sacramento
Kaiser union employees engage in sympathy strike in support of local engineers
November 18, 2021
Includes quote from UHW member Kim Samuels of Kaiser So. Sacramento, footage of So. Sacramento sympathy strike

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Hospital giants like Cedars-Sinai Health System are betraying patients and caregivers to maximize profits at any cost @MDRHospital. We're calling all allies to join our protest at the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild Disco Ball at the @beverlyhilton on Wednesday, November 30 at 4:30pm.

“Workers at the @PLH_Hospital in Orange County say they’re fed up with continual understaffing and outsourcing of care while receiving an unlivable salary.” Read the full story at #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

“We don’t do this to get rich, we do it because we care about people,” said Jenny Sosa, a Pharmacy Technician at Placentia Linda. “After risking our lives through a pandemic, we now must fight for staffing and living wages.” #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Congratulations @aishabbwahab for your victory in the California State Senate #SD10! We are proud to work with her for #HealthcareJustice in California.

Congratulations, @LolaForSenate on your victory to State Senate #SD28! Your years of service fighting for working-class people will make you a true advocate for #HealthcareJustice statewide.

We are proud to stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers across the country as they fight for better working conditions. If you’re in the area, show them some support and join a picket line! ✊🏼 @SBWorkersUnited #RedCupRebellion

Starbucks Workers United@SBWorkersUnited

Red Cup Rebellion striking stores! #redcuprebellion 3

We reject @CedarsSinai corporate healthcare @MDRHospital. We are standing up to hospital executives who recklessly put profits ahead of patients & healthcare workers. Send a message to management now at #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CedarsSinaiProud

Everyone believes in quality patient care, right? We all appreciate healthcare workers for risking our lives through the pandemic, right? Well, that's why we're picketing at @PLH_Hospital. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

There aren’t enough workers at @CedarsSinai @MDRHospital to care for those in need. That means less hands-on attention, longer delays, reduced access, and lower quality of life for our community. Send a message to management now at #United4All

Healthcare workers at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital have been pushed to their limit by Dignity Health. They are demanding increased staffing, better access to PPE, and improved workers and patient safety at their hospital. @DignityHealth

St. Elizabeth Community Hospital workers stand up against working conditions threatening their safety and patient care. Dignity Health is making it difficult to do their job despite what they’ve been through these last 2.5 years. @DignityHealth

Health caregivers just can’t afford to work at @MDRHospital @CedarsSinai made more than $1 BILLION last year, while some of us make as little as $17 in the middle of record high inflation. Send a message to management now at #United4All #HealthcareJustice

This year, Baldwin Park city council member Alejandra Avila voted against a $25 per hour minimum wage for healthcare workers, even as the cost of living in our city skyrockets and hospitals profit billions.


Many Lynwood healthcare workers made as little as $15/ hour during the pandemic, while risking their lives to keep us safe. But when they asked Councilwoman Marisela Santana to support a $25 per hour minimum wage for healthcare workers, she refused.


Thank you Councilmember Faulk for endorsing Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood.


The “NO on J” campaign has spent nearly $1 million to oppose a $25 minimum wage for frontline healthcare workers in Duarte.

Don’t let greedy healthcare corporations trick you. Support Duarte’s healthcare workers: vote YES on Measure J.


🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨 Dialysis workers join the union wave across America as workers at 13 clinics in CA just filed for elections! By uniting with us in SEIU-UHW, they will have the power to win a living wage, safer staffing levels and a real say in patient care.

The healthcare staffing crisis is hurting patient care. What are you seeing at your workplace?


“Notably, the No on HC campaign's two highest-paid consulting firms are two Republican firms with a history of working for some of the most conservative politicians in the country.”


“If we really want to support healthcare workers for their sacrifices and help fix the healthcare staffing crisis that threatens patient care, then Inglewood voters need to vote YES on Measure HC in this election.” — Asm. Tina McKinnor

“If the hospital was providing me more money, I wouldn’t leave. I like this hospital. I know this hospital like the back of my hand.” — Victor, an ER Tech at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood.

Support Measure HC in Inglewood.


Our brothers and sisters at @TenetHealthcare Placentia Linda Hospital are fighting for their families and their patients. They need our help today. Support our digital call to action at #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Here’s how raising the minimum wage for healthcare workers helps all of us:

• It helps retain workers who are considering leaving and recruit new ones

• It helps ensures our workplaces are fully staffed, which improves patient care


Heroes need a raise @TenetHealthcare. Healthcare workers are being displaced from our communities and careers. We won’t accept less than we need to survive #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Congresswoman Maxine Waters supports Inglewood Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood.


Heroes need staffing @tenethealth Placentia Linda Hospital. 85% of healthcare workers surveyed there report feeling forced to skip meals or breaks. Even heroes need a little help. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

We are demanding @TenetHealthcare invest their billions in profits back to the people who saw us through this pandemic and are struggling just to make ends meet at Placentia Linda Hospital. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Experienced caregivers at @TenetHealthcare Placentia Linda Hospital are being forced out of their careers and their communities because of low pay, high pressure and lack of support after being called heroes only months ago. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Even heroes need a little help @tenethealth Placentia Linda Hospital. 100% surveyed there said they are understaffed. We are united for patient care, and we’re not going anywhere. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

When you invest in healthcare workers, you invest in patients. We are united for patient care, and we’re not going anywhere. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Healthcare workers @tenethealth Placentia Linda Hospital are overworked and struggling to survive on as little as $16.90 an hour in one of the country’s most expensive cities. We are caregivers, not a cost to cut. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

We are demanding hospitals invest their billions in profits back to the people who saw us through this pandemic and are struggling just to make ends meet. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Experienced caregivers @tenethealth Placentia Linda Hospital are being forced out of their careers and their communities because of low pay, high pressure and lack of support after being called heroes only months ago. #United4All #HealthcareJustice #CommunityBuiltOnCare

Who's spending millions to deny higher pay for healthcare workers? Big healthcare corporations have put millions of dollars into opposing higher pay for California healthcare workers.




How do we end the cycle of burn-out and short-staffing in the healthcare industry?

➡️ Provide mental and emotional support
➡️ Train more healthcare workers
➡️ Raise the healthcare minimum wage so they can care for themselves and their families


Thank you Supervisor @HollyJMitchell for endorsing Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood. #FairWages4Health

Thank you Congresswoman @RepMaxineWaters for endorsing Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood. #FairWages4Health

The actions LA City Council members of Nury Martinez, Kevin de León, and Gil Cedillo, as well as Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera are both painful to hear and disgraceful. These are not the values of the labor movement.

“It is unsafe to have us work so under-staffed, to not have enough staff on a regular basis.”

The shortage of healthcare workers in California hospitals is causing a growing patient care crisis. What’s it like in your facility?

Few know the trauma that healthcare workers can face doing our jobs.

Healthcare workers: let’s make sure to take time to support our co-workers. And if you need help, ask for it.


Hey @ladailynews going after frontline healthcare workers in your endorsement today - that's low. @seiu_uhw members continue to sacrifice themselves through the pandemic for all angelenos. [1/2]

🎉 It’s official. @GavinNewsom signed AB 204, delivering $70 million to community clinics to retain healthcare workers.

Thank you @SenBobHertzberg and @AsmCarrillo for your leadership and standing with community clinics and healthcare workers to secure this historic funding!

Thank you @CAgovernor for signing SB 1436 into law! We appreciate the incredible work of @GeneralRoth & @AsmMarcBerman & committee staff in hearing the concerns of @seiu_uhw #RespiratoryTherapists who are providing critical care through the #COVID19 pandemic & beyond #CALeg #RTs

AB 2849, our bill to further the understanding of #workerowned co-ops in CA, was just signed by @CAgovernor! TY to @AsmMiaBonta for authoring this important 1st step towards empowering workers! #CALeg

Gov. @GavinNewsom signed #AB2183, which gives California's agricultural workers greater opportunity to organize and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

✊Sí, se puede @UFWUpdates

United Farm Workers@UFWupdates

Gov. Newsom has signed #AB2183.
Sí, se puede.

I stand with healthcare workers today and every day. 💜 They have shown tremendous sacrifice and commitment to our community. I support @seiu_uhw workers at La Casa who are organizing to fight for #fairwages4health.


It is morally wrong that millions of people in this country work 40+ hours a week, sometimes significantly more, and still can't afford basic living expenses. Everyone deserves a living wage.

2022 marks 25 years of the Labor Management Partnership at Kaiser, but there isn't much to celebrate. We call on @LMPtalk to step up to take on the healthcare worker staffing crisis and get back to the collaborative spirit that once made Kaiser a great place to work. #United4All

.@SeiuCCWU community clinic workers came out in full force to stand with @UFWupdates in support of #AB2183. Farmworkers should be allowed to vote to unionize in a safe space, free from intimidation by employers.


Thank you L.A. County Federation of Labor for supporting Measure J to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of #Duarte. @LALabor


Thank you L.A. County Democratic Party for supporting Measure J to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of #Duarte. @LADemocrats


Thank you L.A. County Federation of Labor for supporting Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood. @LALabor


Thank you Assemblymember McKinnor (@TinaMcKinnor1) for supporting Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood.


Thank you L.A. County Democratic Party for supporting Measure HC to set a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in the city of Inglewood. @LADemocrats


Support healthcare workers in Inglewood by voting YES on measure HC.

We need to address the understaffing crisis we are facing in our communities. A $25 minimum wage would help recruit new workers and retain quality healthcare workers. #FairWages4Health

The work healthcare workers do for our communities is critical — and yet many are barely making above minimum wage.

Support fair wages for healthcare workers in Duarte by voting YES on measure J. #FairWages4Health

This is the “unequal pay” hospital executives never want you to see. We need to invest in the healthcare workers that keep our communities safe. A $25/hr healthcare worker minimum wage is just the start to raise wages from the bottom up. #FairWages4Health

These SEIU members from the archive @ReutherLibrary knew how important it was to register & remind people of their civic responsibility. Be part of the solution and get your community #VoteReady today on #NationalVoterRegistrationDay 👉

Today I’m calling on the Biden admin to open a federal investigation of health care giant @HCAhealthcare for bilking Medicare and possibly fleecing taxpayers out of nearly $2 billion.


We're urging @POTUS to stand with immigrants and use TPS for all countries that need it. It’s time to deliver on the campaign promise and establish a fair and humane immigration system. #TPSForCentralAmerica

Frontline healthcare workers struggle to pay bills — working multiple jobs, overtime, and long hours. Nine percent inflation is no joke. #FairWages4Health #United4All

Setting a $25 per hour healthcare worker minimum wage will address the staffing crisis by helping retain current workers, attracting new ones, and making sure we invest in frontline healthcare workers instead of sky-high executive salaries. #FairWages4Health #United4All

“Working in healthcare is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. I’ve seen many people come and go because of the low wages, high stress, and health risks." - Selene Castillo, Certified Nursing Assistant, Dignity St. Mary’s Medical Center. #FairWages4health #United4All

Healthcare workers should be able to provide quality patient care without worrying about whether they have enough to pay for housing and food. #FairWages4Health #United4All

Frontline healthcare workers struggle to pay bills — working multiple jobs, overtime, and long hours. Nine percent inflation is no joke. #FairWages4Health #United4All

Our patients deserve quality patient care and safe staffing. #FairWages4Health #United4All

We’re getting ready to march in downtown LA to @SoCalHospitals to call for a healthcare worker minimum wage. #FairWages4Health #United4All

🚨🚨 ATTENTION LONG BEACH 🚨🚨 Hospital CEOs are trying to REMOVE the new $25 minimum wage law passed by City Council. Do not sign their petition, and stand with #FairWages4Health!

Let's give a shout out to the people who labor in the fields to put food on our tables.

Mandemosle un saludo a la gente que trabajan en el campo para poner comida en nuestras mesas.

#WeFeedYou #AB2183 #LaborDay

Thank you @ignacioGomezart for letting us use this art

This #LaborDay, we honor the historic efforts of American workers participating in labor movements. In response to African American exclusion from labor organizations, Black workers created all-Black unions that championed their members’ class & racial interests. #ANationsStory

Healthcare workers are burned-out and exhausted from working understaffed in this pandemic to keep us safe. Many are struggling to make ends meet. Put a 💜 in the comments to support the statewide $25 healthcare minimum wage.


Executive Committee Member Georgette Bradford shares what’s next in our fight to win a $25 healthcare worker minimum wage for as many healthcare workers in CA as possible! #FairWages4Health

Healthcare workers joined @UFWupdates today as they took their final steps of a 24-day march for the Governor’s signature on #AB2183.

Healthcare workers like Chante are fighting back @LifeLongMedCare! 67% report lacking enough time to dedicate to patients because of short staffing. Share now to show your support! #healthcarejustice

HCA has a lengthy history of defrauding the Medicare system and data reveals a pattern of prioritizing profit-making over patients. #PatientsOverProfits

Something’s wrong at @LifeLongMedCare 62% of healthcare workers would hesitate to take a family member to their facility for care. Caregivers need more help and more training, so they are taking to the streets to demand better working conditions. #healthcarejustice

¡Se ve, se siente, la unión está presente! 💪 #AB2183 Day 23 of the March for the Governor's Signature.

We'll be rallying tomorrow at 9 am at Sacramento's South Side Park and marching the final mile to the Capitol where we'll hold a rally. Join us! #AB2183

Caregivers like Gwyneth are fed up! 60% report feeling forced to skip meals or breaks. Tell @LifeLongMedCare to stop treating healthcare heroes like zeroes. Show your support for Lifelong caregivers! Drop a ✊below. #healthcarejustice

HCA’s chronic short staffing is burning out hospital workers and undermining patient care. #PatientsOverProfits

Members met with CA Assembly Speaker @Rendon63rd’s staff to talk about what healthcare workers have been through the past few years and why we need a statewide healthcare worker min wage. #FairWages4Health

Angela Balam@AngelaBalam5

Senator Rendon staff member on #fairwages4Health@seiu-uhw

My team of healthcare leaders doing everything we can to educate CA Lawmakers on how little some of our colleagues make taking care of the most vulnerable members of our society. @seiu_uhw #fairwages4health


Something’s wrong @LifeLongMedCare 62% of Diana’s coworkers reported seeing patient care delayed or denied due to short staffing. Share your support for Lifelong caregivers! Drop a ✊below. #healthcarejustice

Something’s wrong @LifeLongMedCare where 78% of healthcare workers like Shalvin report being understaffed. They’re exhausted and patients are paying the price. Drop a ✊below to show your support for Lifelong caregivers.

After nearly three years of the pandemic, caregivers are exhausted, many leaving the industry over low pay and understaffing. @LifeLongMedCare , caregivers are fighting for safer staffing, better patient care, benefits and pay that keep qualified caregivers in our community.


SEIU-UHW members worked with Community Clinic Workers United members last Thursday providing care for the @UFWupdates marchers in Modesto. We stand with farm workers in their fight for Justice.


The understaffing crisis in healthcare forces caregivers to take on extreme workloads - putting their physical, mental, and emotional health at risk. #FairWages4Health #CALeg

ICYMI: The healthcare worker minimum ordinance in Los Angeles and Downey is on hold. Hear what healthcare workers have to say about it. #FairWages4Health #CALeg

$17/hora no es un salario digno, sin embargo, el aumento al salario mínimo se frenó en Los Ángeles. Obtenga más información sobre cómo esto está afectando a los trabajadores de la salud. #FairWages4Health #CALeg

Analysis of Medicare data by SEIU indicates that HCA’s practice of over admitting patients may have brought the company nearly $2 billion in excess Medicare payments since 2008. #PatientsOverProfits

The latest antitrust lawsuit against @HCAhealthcare alleges the multi-billion dollar healthcare corporation's "business operations monopolize healthcare while artificially inflating prices." #PatientsOverProfits

"HCA has potentially been engaging in widespread Medicare fraud through the systematic over-admittance of patients from Emergency Departments at HCA hospitals—a practice that may have continued throughout the pandemic." #PatientsOverProfits

What is “corporate greed”? When hospital executives waste money to fight against #FairWages4Health instead of using that money retain their workforce and attract new workers with livable wages.

🚨Downey Registered Voters 🚨
Did you accidentally sign one of the deceiving petitions to remove the healthcare worker minimum wage? It’s not too late to remove your signature. Text 323-888-8123 to get started! #FairWages4Health

Have you been tricked in to helping the healthcare industry cut workers pay? If you signed a petition in the past couple weeks in LA, it’s a deceptive effort to repeal the $25 minimum wage. Text 323-888-8123 ASAP to remove your name. @seiu_uhw

Some cities are leading the way in raising the minimum wage for healthcare workers. Meanwhile, employers are refusing grants that would give their healthcare employees fair compensation. #FairWages4Health

A recent survey of roughly 5,000 frontline healthcare workers finds that more than two years of dealing with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing profound negative impacts on workers’ mental health. Download the report:

Mental Health America@MentalHealthAm

A recent survey of frontline healthcare workers found that 2+ years of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing profound negative impacts on workers’ #MentalHealth.

Read more:

Buckley’s story resonates with a lot of healthcare workers in California too. This is why healthcare workers deserve a fair minimum wage. #FairWages4Health

"A fair wage will keep more #LongBeach healthcare workers in their jobs and help attract more people to the medical field, relieving us of the dangers and frustration of understaffing.” #FairWages4Health

This week Long Beach became the fourth city in SoCal to move forward with an ordinance to increase the minimum wage to $25 for healthcare workers in the private sector. #FairWages4Health

“I’m working hard to follow my calling and serve my community. I have nothing to show for my sacrifices. We as healthcare workers are feeling broken.” #FairWages4Health

Thank you, @LongBeachMayor! ICYMI, the City of Long Beach, is one step away from passing our $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers! #FairWages4Health


Healthcare corporations have no shame. They’ve been tricking voters into signing their petition to REMOVE the $25/hr healthcare worker minimum by pretending they’re helping those same healthcare workers. #FairWages4Health

Imagine you and your partner working 60 hours a week and still barely making ends meet.

That’s the reality for so many healthcare workers who are called “heroes” by the same CEOs who are trying to deny them a fair minimum wage.#FairWages4Health

Long Beach is the latest of 4 SoCal cities to move forward with establishing a $25 minimum wage for healthcare providers in the private sector

While some states and Congress refuse to increase the inhumane federal $7.25 minimum wage, our city is setting a historic new wage of $25 for healthcare workers.

Long Beach is close to joining LA, Downey & Monterey Pk in a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers. SEIU-UHW members spoke up yesterday & 8/1 to let Councilmembers know LB healthcare workers need #FairWages4Health so we can take care of our families while caring for theirs

We’re proud to join the #UnitedToHouseLA coalition in bringing a mansion tax to the November ballot that will generate funds to reduce homelessness and help keep low-income seniors in their homes.

You don’t pay. Everyone benefits.

Learn more at

We’re all in this together. We all came into work seeing death after death during COVID. We need to fix this staffing shortage by retaining and attracting qualified caregivers. #FairWages4Health

The Monterey Park City Council has passed a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers, joining LA & Downey! Thank you Mayor Henry Lo @henrylo626 & Councilman Hans Liang for supporting #FairWages4Health in @CityofMPK

Did you hear? LA, Downey, and now MONTEREY PARK have a $25 healthcare minimum wage! We aren’t stopping until we win a $25 minimum wage for all healthcare workers in CA. Let's ensure our workplaces are fully staffed to improve patient care! Let’s go! #FairWages4Health

The wins keep coming for healthcare workers and patients! Monterey Park joins Downey and Los Angeles in passing a $25 healthcare worker minimum wage ordinance! Leave a 💜 in the comments to celebrate #FairWages4Health! 🙌🏻 🙌🏼 🙌🏽 🙌🏾 🙌🏿

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Fact Sheet on the Kaiser Sympathy Strike

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