The following bills were supported by SEIU-UHW and have been passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Newsom. Together, these bills represent a move towards justice for historically intentionally marginalized communities.

AB 1204 (Wicks) Race & Healthcare Transparency Act

Our Race & Healthcare Transparency Act, AB 1204, has been signed into law by Governor Newsom! SEIU-UHW members got the chance to speak with the author, Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, about their own experiences and why this is such an important step towards ending healthcare disparities.

AB 1204 requires healthcare providers to publicly post and submit to the state an annual report on health outcomes by racial, ethnic, and other demographic groups. The bill would also require these reports to include a plan to address any disparities identified, ensuring the data leads to improvements in care.

The three bills below were supported through leadership from the SEIU-UHW AFRAM Caucus
All three bills were signed into law by Governor Newsom!

SB 2 (Bradford) Peace officers: certification: civil rights

SB 2 creates a process through the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training to investigate and decertify police officers who are unfit to serve due to serious misconduct, helping to ensure greater public safety and trust. This bill will limit the ability of rogue cops to continue reckless behavior and make it easier for families to seek justice.

SB 65 (Skinner) Maternal Care & Services “Momnibus Act”

SB 65 establishes a comprehensive program to improve maternal and infant outcomes throughout the state, especially in communities who experience higher maternal and infant mortality & morbidity rates. This includes tracking and reporting of maternal & infant deaths, increasing the number of trained certified nurse midwives, creating a workgroup on Medi-Cal coverage for doulas, and enhancing Cal WORKS benefits.

AB 26 (Holden) Duty to Intervene

AB 26 requires law enforcement officers to intercede if they witness excessive use of force by another officer, and to immediately report potential excessive force. It also disqualifies a person from being a peace officer if they have been found to have either used excessive force or to have failed to intercede.

Stopping Weakening of Seismic Safety Requirements

The California Hospital Association attempted to eliminate certain seismic safety standards and push back implementation of remaining seismic safety standards for hospitals that go into effect in 2030. SEIU-UHW took a strong stance against weakening standards, delaying timelines, or exempting departments from the 2030 standards.