A looming workforce crisis

California does not have enough healthcare workers to meet the needs of its growing, aging, and increasingly diverse population. In ten years, the state is projected to face a shortfall of 450,000 healthcare jobs.

Building California’s healthcare workforce

SEIU-UHW is committed to address the crisis by building the healthcare workforce of the future. In collaboration with education providers like Western Governors University (WGU), healthcare employers, and our own Education Fund, we are creating and testing innovative online educational programs that will develop highly-skilled healthcare workers and enrich our communities.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable job training and placement opportunities to tens of thousands of SEIU-UHW members, families, friends, and community members for the most in-demand healthcare jobs.

Piloting career advancement

In 2019 we launched our partnership with WGU by offering qualified SEIU-UHW members, family and friends a new education opportunity including CPC certification that will open doors to a Medical Coding career and the potential for advancement in healthcare information management. Our next pilot program offers training and certification as a Medical Assistant.

We’re just getting started. More opportunities are coming soon. To learn about the next opportunity, or how you can play a leadership role in developing the healthcare academy – sign up below!