January 12, 2024

We made big progress at bargaining today and reached Tentative Agreements on 2 articles: Leaves of Absences and Grievance Procedure and Arbitration.

Fresenius agrees that as union workers, we are no longer at will and can no longer be terminated for any arbitrary reason! And we now have a mechanism to hold management accountable to holding this contract with this clause.

This is exactly why we went union. Before, management decided all the policies and could change them whenever they wanted. Now, they can’t be changed without negotiating with us first.

Fresenius is still not interested in negotiating with us on our top priorities, like wages, staffing and patient care, so let’s keep up the pressure by staying united and continuing to organize more clinics!


December 21, 2023

Even though many of us will be working through the holidays, this is the time of year that we are reminded of how precious our work is to our patients and how grateful we are to work together with all of you, our coworkers. It is in this spirit that we have found strength in our union and hope at the bargaining table.

 We have hope like never before because the very act of bargaining as equals with management means we have already shifted the balance of power in our workplace, and our numbers continue to grow across the state—increasing our bargaining power to win industry leading wages, improved benefits, safe staffing levels and recognition of all our clinics under one union contract. 

 In negotiations, management is pressing hard to shake off their responsibility to provide safe staffing and fair wages—just as they tried to skirt their legal obligation to bargain after we came together in our union. Management is beginning to realize, however, that dialysis workers and patients have the power to make real change when we are united.

Together, we are hopeful like never before that we can fix dialysis, and we are growing stronger with dozens of new clinics set to join our movement in 2024 as elected officials and national media outlets look on. We are winning and management knows this. Know your union rights and be sure to report any suspected violations immediately.

“Now management’s starting to understand they don’t have all the power because dialysis workers are standing together like never before. In bargaining, they still want to run from their responsibility to safely care for our patients and pay living wages, but just like we enforced our legal right to bargain, we are going to make sure they do what’s right to fix dialysis for our patients and coworkers.” said Gladies Barron, PCT at Fresenius Elk Grove.

Reach out to a bargaining team leader to help us organize for maximum bargaining power.