We have reached tentative agreements with management on workplace rights, job security protections, and we’ll keep pushing for the safe staffing and fair pay we all deserve.

Now that we have our union, we are making real progress on our priorities, but we have to keep holding management accountable together in our facilities and in bargaining because it’s working and we have the power to fix dialysis.

The moment we went union, management lost their power to make changes unilaterally, and we continue to reject any proposals that attempt to claw back at the power we have already won. Unlike non-union clinics, we now have a voice in how any future changes will be implemented, and we are breaking management’s control of our clinics. 

Our strategy is working, but we must grow our movement among non-union dialysis acutes to build the power to win on our staffing and economic priorities. Contact a union representative at 619.358.3768 and find out how you can help us grow.