Lisa Santana, Executive Board, Kaiser District 8, Seat C – Santa Rosa

Lisa Santana, Executive Board, Kaiser District 8, Seat C – Santa Rosa


I am writing this letter for the nomination seat for the Seiu-Uhw Executive Board. 

I am very grateful that the board is considering accepting me Lisa Santana to the Executive Board seat. 

I have been with the SEIU-UHW Coalition for 10 plus years as a Union Steward. I have also held the seat of Rep Chair and I am currently Chief Steward with our campus here at Santa Rosa. 

I am a very strong leader within our coalition, and I can lead the team to victory. I have had the pleasure to work closely with Ursula Nieto and Chris Keasling our current Rep Chair and our now retired Contract Specialist. 

I have been with Seiu-Uhw for 21 years within Kaiser Permanente on the campus of Santa Rosa. I can Guide- Lead and Fight for a “Great Contract” within our Coalition. Talented in collecting COPE as well. 

I have been a leader within our Latino community and with the Political arena. Communication is a strong point of mine. I am an exceptional leader within our Union. I strive to create a strong and viable contract within our coalition. 

I have contributed for nearly 20 years for the consistent exceptional passion for regulatory excellence that inspires those around our Seiu-Uhw coalition to strive and push others to do their best work and help others prepare for change. 

I have demonstrated commitment to the organization. I have demonstrated active leadership. Passion for excellence and significant contributions to the mission of our coalition.