We voted by a margin of  88% to ratify our first agreement at Placentia Linda Hospital, and we’re fighting for more in 2023 with 4,500 Tenet caregivers by our side. Our new benefits and rights are now guaranteed in our collective bargaining agreement and feature the following economic gains over the next six-months.

  • Bargaining Statewide in March 2023
    In just three-months we bargain united with 4,500 other Tenet workers across California for fair pay and increased staffing as part of our United for All campaign. 
  • Increased Minimum Wage
    Caregivers at the lowest end of the pay scale will benefit the most—as much as 19.23%. Impacted employees will receive the 2.75% or $20.15 per hour, which ever is higher in your next pay period. 
  • Across the Board Raises
    A 2.75% across the board wage increase will take effect immediately for all employees (including Per Diems). This is in addition to the 2% increase we secured earlier this year. 

Special thanks to our bargaining team members who have made these gains possible and for all the contributions of our coworkers who have supported us in this fight. We have much more work to do in 2023, but we have proven to management and to each other that we are not going backwards. 

Talk to a fellow member of the SEIU-UHW bargaining team or your union representative if you have questions or need assistance.