Health Care Workers to Protest at 29 Kaiser Permanente Facilities Statewide, Demanding Recognition and Additional Support During Pandemic

Health Care Workers to Protest at 29 Kaiser Permanente Facilities Statewide, Demanding Recognition and Additional Support During Pandemic

Oakland, Calif. – Healthcare workers at 29 Kaiser Permanente facilities across the state will hold protests demanding recognition and additional support during the pandemic, weeks after the healthcare giant slashed performance sharing bonuses, despite posting $6.4 billion in profits during the last year.

“There’s a disconnect between the thinking of Kaiser executives and the experience of frontline workers,” says Donna Norton, a licensed vocational nurse at Kaiser Vacaville. “Workplace exposures have kept us home, as has the traumatic toll of working through this pandemic. So many caregivers have been physically exhausted from taking on extra shifts week after week and are mentally worn down. We need extra support from our employer right now, not less.”

As many caregivers report feelings of emotional fatigue and burnout after working through a year of the pandemic, employees at Kaiser Permanente are asking their employer to incentivize people to stay in their positions and provide additional support to employees. Workers are also asking Kaiser to recognize their sacrifices by supporting AB 650, the Health Care Worker Recognition and Retention Act, a bill that will require employers across the healthcare industry to pay dividends to all non-executive employees who worked during the pandemic.

“This feels like a slap in the face,” said Kaiser Downey Emergency Room Technician Gabriel Montoya, who got sick with COVID-19 earlier in the year in an exposure he believes happened at work. “From Kaiser not filling open positions, to limiting the distribution of masks and other PPE, to being forced to care for our patients without enough staff, we have been pushed to the brink. We were on board with improving attendance before the pandemic, but we’ve gotten exposed and sick from COVID because we came to work. Some workers were hospitalized and even died. And for that, they’re going to cut our bonus? It’s unbelievable.”

WHAT: Protests by healthcare workers ask Kaiser Permanente to recognize their sacrifices and provide additional support to frontline caregivers through the pandemic.


March 16

Walnut Creek Medical Center

March 17

Santa Clara Medical Center

Woodland Hills Medical Center

March 18

Roseville Medical Center

Baldwin Park Medical Center

March 19

Fresno Medical Center

March 23

Stockton Medical Center

March 24

Oakland Medical Center

Anaheim Medical Center

March 25

South San Francisco Medical Center

South Bay Medical Center

March 26

South Sacramento Medical Center

March 30

Vallejo Medical Center

Downey Medical Center

April 2

Fremont Medical Center

April 6

Antioch Medical Center

April 7

Sacramento Medical Center

West Los Angeles Medical Center

April 8

Los Angeles Medical Center

San Leandro Medical Center

April 9

Vacaville Medical Center

April 13

Redwood City Medical Center

April 14

Santa Rosa Medical Offices

April 15

San Francisco Medical Center

Panorama City Medical Center

April 16

Manteca Medical Offices

April 20

San Rafael Medical Center

April 21

San Jose Medical Center

April 22

Richmond Medical Center

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