Fair Wages for Healthcare Workers

Fair Wages for Healthcare Workers

Support a $25 Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage
Support a $25 Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage

Burned out and traumatized by the pandemic, healthcare workers are leaving their profession in alarming numbers. Low pay and poor working conditions mean that not enough new workers are willing to join the healthcare workforce, leaving our state with a looming patient care crisis.

A $25 per hour minimum wage for healthcare workers will help address the patient care crisis.

Retain current healthcare workers

Healthcare workers have put themselves and their families at risk to save lives and care for others during this pandemic. Many have left their jobs, and more are considering leaving soon. Raising the minimum wage will help retain workers.

Attract new healthcare workers

California already faced a shortage of 500,000 healthcare workers needed to care for our aging population. Now, following the pandemic, we are facing a full-blown crisis. In a recent survey of allied healthcare workers in California, 83% said their department is either “severely” or “somewhat” understaffed. Making sure healthcare jobs pay enough will help attract the workers we need.

Invest in frontline healthcare workers

Healthcare corporations made huge profits and received billions in government funding during the pandemic. At the same time inflation and rising rents and housing costs are hurting working families. The healthcare worker minimum wage will ensure that federal funds and corporate profits are invested in frontline caregivers first.

Help fix the patient care crisis

Join healthcare workers, patients, and community members to tackle the looming crisis. Together we can pass a $25/hour minimum wage for healthcare workers and ensure better patient care for our communities.


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