Millionaire hospital executives are running a deceptive referendum to take away fair wages for healthcare workers and repeal LA and Downey’s healthcare worker minimum wage. Do not sign their deceptive referendum petition. Tell them we support the healthcare workers who risked everything to get us through this pandemic. If you are in Downey or Los Angeles, report signature gatherers by texting (323) 888-8123.

A $25 per hour minimum wage for healthcare workers will help address the patient care crisis

Burned out and traumatized from the pandemic, healthcare workers are leaving their profession in alarming numbers, leaving our cities with a looming patient care crisis. The Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage Ordinance set a $25 per hour minimum wage to help address the crisis by retaining current workers, attracting new ones, and making sure we invest in frontline healthcare workers.

Wealthy CEOs are trying to take it away

Corporate healthcare executives call their employees “heroes” but are trying to take away fair wages for the healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Healthcare corporations have made billions in profits, and their executives are paid millions but have no plan to address the staffing crisis plaguing Los Angeles healthcare facilities.

Don’t sign their deceptive petition

The CEOs are using deceptive language to convince voters to put their referendum on the ballot. If they succeed, the Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage would be repealed, cutting wages for the lowest paid healthcare workers.

If asked, do not sign their petition. Let your friends and family know not to sign. Let’s support healthcare workers.


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