Building Our Community of Care Across Tenet Hospitals

Building Our Community of Care Across Tenet Hospitals

2019 Tenet Summit

As caregivers at Tenet Healthcare Corporation hospitals, we believe our communities deserve high quality healthcare and good middle-class jobs. But corporate healthcare is hurting patients, caregivers and our communities. As SEIU-UHW members across Tenet’s California hospitals, we’re united in our fight to invest more in patients and caregivers, so we can deliver the best care in our communities.  

Tenet Healthcare Corporation has the resources to invest more in our hospitals, our caregivers, and our patients. Our union, SEIU-UHW, has built an education fund that offers high-quality certificates and training, with no out-of-pocket charge, to healthcare workersWe are calling on Tenet Healthcare Corporation to join our SEIU-UHW Education Fund, and to maintain high quality healthcare and working conditions for caregivers, so we can do an even better job of caring for our patients. 

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