Our 2020 PSP Bonuses are Coming

Our 2020 PSP Bonuses are Coming

PSP bonus numbers are out. 

Payout dates:
March 5, 2021 in Northern California
March 12, 2021 in Southern California

SEIU-UHW received the numbers for the PSP bonuses and we clearly have a difference of interpretation of what constitutes an “Appreciation” or “Heroes Bonus” than Kaiser does. Kaiser is committing to pay everyone at least the 100% target level (weighted average of 3% of payroll). That part is good because Coalition members in the Central Valley, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington would have gotten much less or even nothing if they hadn’t.

However, we disagree with the numbers. We expected them to pay out as if all goals were met at 100% which would have made the payouts higher. We will dig into these details with Kaiser but as we just got the numbers and payroll is about to be done, we want them to get the checks out which will definitely help people.

While our PSP is a great part of our contract, and our bonuses will be put to good use, it doesn’t fully recognize what healthcare workers have gone through during this pandemic. From chronic short-staffing to PPE shortages, we have been pushed to the brink caring for our patients and we are exhausted and frustrated. Kaiser and the other players in the healthcare industry are doing very well financially and we have to continue to work for respectful recognition of our contributions. Stay tuned as we continue our fight to ensure that healthcare workers are protected and respected.

Get the details on our bonus: