2023 Executive Board Leadership Elections

Unionwide – President

2023 Executive Board Leadership Elections

Unionwide – President

Ollie Allen, President, Unionwide

Member Driven

My name is Ollie J. Allen IV and I have served my community as a Medical Assistant at Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo, for 25 years. My stewardship of 18 years has given me the opportunity to represent SEIU-UHW members as a Bargaining TeamMember in the past, to an Executive Board Member and Rep Chair today. To be a healthcare worker, you must embrace service. To lead healthcare workers, you must be humble-hearted and fiercely motivated to relate to, learn from, and uplift the healthcare workers you are privileged to lead.

When you vote for me as your President, by checking the box on your ballot that says SEIU-UHW Member Driven Slate, know that you are electing a servant to the membership who embodies these qualities.

I understand that ALL members under the banner of SEIU-UHW deserve to be heard and not bullied, even when we disagree. We will fight, together, for the great wages, great benefits, and safe working conditions we ALL demand. We have ONE chance to vote in leadership that mandates transparency, accountability, support, and inclusion for ALL members. When you vote for the SEIU-UHW Member Driven Slate, you are voting for these positive changes you seek.

Dave Regan, President, Unionwide

Members United for Strength (MUST)

Our Union is faced with unprecedented challenges as we get ready to negotiate contracts for 85,000 members – the pandemic, historic staffing shortages, 8% inflation, employers who continue to undervalue and disrespect us – that will require a team of proven leaders to secure the contracts we deserve in 2023 and beyond.

As President of UHW, I’ve led our proven team of winners and ask for your support to continue the work in this most challenging time.

Since being elected SEIU-UHW President in 2011 we have worked together to bargain strong contracts with great wages and benefits, built the political strength of our Union to win COVID leave and staffing bonuses for hospital workers, organized thousands of non-union workers into UHW to make us stronger, and created a culture that prioritizes rank-and-file leadership as the core strength for our success.

We can’t be a “one trick pony.” We need to use all the forms of power we have – economic power to strike, political power to win legislation and hold employers accountable, public opinion power through the media to tell our story – to fight for and win what we deserve. That’s how we succeed against huge, profitable hospitals.

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