December 11, 2020

Nominations for our 2020-3 Vacancy Election is now open

Our SEIU-UHW bylaws set out an election process to fill vacant Executive Board seats on a quarterly basis so that our union can maintain a full leadership body.

Leadership Matters:  The primary role of our Executive Board is to inspire and motivate members into action-leaders who are passionate about devoting time and talent to building a leadership team within their facility or county.  By communicating and challenging us, our Executive Board sets out the vision and program of our union and encourages us to exercise our leadership potential.  It is up to us to nominate and elect those candidates whom we believe can best lead our union to achieve better jobs and better health for our community.

All nomination and election information is posted on this website and available from SEIU-UHW representatives.

We, your Election Committee of SEIU-UHW members have set the following vacancy election timeline:

Nominations Open:  December 11, 2020

Nominations Close:  January 11, 2021

Candidate Checklist

Nomination Notices:
Hospital Division  | Kaiser Division

Nomination Forms and Petitions:
Nomination Form   | Nomination Petition

Installation of Newly Elected Executive Board:  April 2021

Election Dates (If Needed):

Election Notice:  January 22, 2021

Mail Ballot Mail-out:  January 29, 2021

Vote Count:  February 26, 2021

Executive Board Constituencies:
Hospital Division | Kaiser Division

Candidates should review the Voting Constituencies (above) and the Nomination and Election Guidelines (below) and follow the requirements carefully to ensure the validity of your nomination.

SEIU-UHW Leadership Structure

Officers:  President and Vice-President.  The officers are elected Union-wide.

Executive Committee:  There are eight (8) seats on the executive committee (rank and file member and staff UHW member-eligible) which are elected Union-wide.  Additional seats on the Executive Committee are based on a ratio of 1 seat for every 5,000 members by division and geography, and only rank-and-file members are eligible.  Members from each division elect members to these seats.

Executive Board:  These seats are based on a ratio of one (1) seat for every five hundred (500) members – by division and by geography-only rank-and file members are eligible.  Members elect members from their constituency.

Advisors to the Executive Board:  Two (2) financial officers and two (2) ethics officers are elected by each division.  Only rank-and-file members are eligible.

SEIU-UHW Elections Committee:

Co-Chairs/Ethics Officer(s):  Martha Alvarez (Hospital Division), Diane Newton-Blair (Kaiser Division)

Member(s): Chanell Harper (Hospital Division), Datosha Williams (Kaiser Division), Heather Wright (Kaiser Division), Jvonne Christian (Kaiser Division), Sherron Conley (Hospital Division), Zelda Aaron (Hospital Division)


Phone:  510-587-4505



October 13, 2020

2020-2 Vacancy Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board members!

Hospital Division

Hospital Seat 6G – El Camino Hospital, El Camino SVMD (2020)
Marvin Gamboa

Hospital Seat 7E – Doctors Modesto (2020)
Natalie Thompson

Hospital Seat 9G – Woodland Clinic, Woodland Healthcare, Vibra (2020)
Shane Alameda

Kaiser Division

Kaiser Seat 3A – LAMC Hospital (2020)
Oscar Gaspar

Kaiser Seat 3C – Baldwin Park (2020)
Isis Wilson


2020-1 Vacancy Election Ballot Count

Livestream of ballot count on September 11, 2020.

  • Kaiser
    • Kaiser Seat 1C – LA Regional  (1 Seat)



2020-1 Vacancy Election Results


Hospital Seat 4G – Providence St Joseph Medical Center (2020)
Leah Nery

Hospital Seat 8C – Chinese Hospital, St Mary Medical (2020)
Keilana Johnson

Hospital Seat 8H – Sutter Delta, San Ramon Regional (2020)
Maeshah Shaw


Kaiser Seat 5E – Walnut Creek, San Ramon (2020)
Felecia Ledet

Kaiser Seat 7E – So.San Francisco (2020)
Jeffrey Baxter

Current Executive Board Vacancy Elections

Vacant Seats

Essential Documents

Election Notices



Leadership Constituencies


The SEIU-UHW 2020 Election Committee

Alexandria Sanchez, Kaiser Antelope Valley
Sonny D. Jones-Lathan, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Ruby Robley, Kaiser Antioch
Warren Torrence Jr., Dignity Health Medical Foundation
Richard Prasad, Kaiser South Sacramento


Phone: 510-587-4505