2023 Executive Board Leadership Elections

Unionwide – Vice President

2023 Executive Board Leadership Elections

Unionwide – Vice President

Stanley Lyles, Vice President

Members United for Strength (MUST) 

I have been part of our union for many years, supporting our members’ fights for great contracts. As a former respiratory care practicioner for over 35 years, I understand the obstacles healthcare workers face at their facilities. In the past, I pioneered the effort to unionize at my facility and I was an SEIU-UHW steward and bargaining team member.

I directly oversee SEIU-UHW’s finances and budgeting and have worked very hard on the members’ behalf to keep the union members’ money safe. I actively work with the Executive Committee and Board to improve the healthcare system for workers and patients across California. I’m running as part of the SEIU-UHW MUST (Members United for Strength) slate for Vice President because we have the experience, courage, and determination to lead the union to win strong contracts and fight for the rights of all healthcare workers.

William Rosenberg, Vice President

Member Driven 

Hello, my name is William Rosenberg, and I am running to be your Member Driven Vice President of SEIU-UHW.

I am a 25-year Surgical Technologist and work at Kaiser, serving as a union member and activist for over 10 years. As a founder of Member Driven, I have always believed that unions exist as the unified expression of the members. We need transparency, accountability, engagement, and solidarity to succeed in winning the best and most lucrative contracts that are RESPECTED!

A single father of four children, I struggle to do better for all of us and our families. I am a hard-working caregiver to patients, and I can relate to the everyday issues that we face at our jobs. I have worked in hospitals and clinics, and understand the trials faced by you EVERY DAY.

Please know that I stand before you asking to vote myself and my fellow members on the Member Driven Slate to be your servants and leaders that will give our all to ensure that the will, needs, and financial security of the members are met.

The Leadership of an organization should always reflect the Membership. When you see us, you see yourselves.

Vote Member Driven!

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