We have a new tool to hold management accountable. After a few weeks of using Assignment Despite Objection (ADO) forms to track dangerous conditions, we have seen a drastic shift in staffing conditions at Satellite Blossom Valley.

“Management said to our faces that they don’t believe there is a staffing crisis. This is how we show them the truth, and it has to come from all of us. The ADO form has brought change to Blossom Valley. This is our tool to win the contract we deserve. If we don’t say anything, nothing will ever change.” Easen PeBenito, CCHT, Satellite Blossom Valley

Ironically, management is now complaining about labor costs as they are forced to hire traveling nurses and use the float pool to ensure safe ratios are maintained at all times. Maybe it would be cheaper and better for patients to simply pay dialysis caregivers fair wages?

We know the answer, but management is still denying there is a staffing crisis across the dialysis industry. Now we have a tool to hold them accountable when conditions in our clinics are unsafe. Click here to download your ADO form and do your part to #FixDialysis.

Instructions: Use the ADO form to protect your patients and coworkers.

If you are concerned about your work assignment and believe that patient care will be adversely affected, do the following:

  1. Describe: Complete the form by providing your information and describing the situation in detail. 
  2. Print: You will need at least two (2) copies of the finished form to complete the process. 
  3. Deliver: Provide one (1) copy to your supervisor and one (1) copy to your union representative—include notes of your supervisor’s response, if any.


Questions? Contact a union representative or bargaining team leader for more information.