At our last bargaining session, management continued to propose cuts to our benefits and raises that don’t even keep up with inflation. Cedars-Sinai Marina executives priorities are upside down: profits matter more than patients and healthcare workers that take care of them everyday. 

After everything we have sacrificed through the pandemic, management is thanking us with the following proposals:

  • Pay us below the cost of living
  • Reduce our starting Pay
  • Cut health insurance options
  • Cut education benefits
  • End free parking
  • Deny our right to a leave of absence
  • Limit protections for temporary workers without benefits
  • Unequal weekend shift differentials

Vote in person on November 15-16 at the hopsital entrance (Corner of Mindanao Way and La Villa Marina) between 7am and 7pm. Please contact your union representative if you have questions or need assistance. Talk to a bargaining team leader or your union representative to join the fight today. You can’t afford to not get involved.


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