SB 275: The Healthcare and Essential Workers Protection Act

SB 275: The Healthcare and Essential Workers Protection Act

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen up close the agony that PPE shortages cause workers, patients, and communities — including unnecessary infections and deaths.

SB 275 will protect Californians during viral pandemics by requiring both the state and healthcare providers to stockpile personal protective equipment (PPE) and prioritize its distribution to low-income, medically underserved communities.

On their last day of legislative session, the State Assembly and Senate passed SB 275! Now we move on to the Governor. Let’s continue working to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities by participating in the We Are Essential Digital Action!


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Ask Governor Newsom to sign SB 275 into law!

SB 275 protects Californians from unnecessary infections and deaths during viral pandemics.

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For Jessica, this is personal. Every day, she goes home and risks infecting her immunocompromised wife with Stage 4 breast cancer. She shouldn't have to take that risk just to do her job.
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Yudis Cruz's worst fears came true when her son Eddie tested positive for COVID-19. They both work at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Entire families working on the frontlines are being put at risk, this must stop now!
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