Thriving hospitals rely on a healthy community with well-maintained infrastructure and strong public services. Yet, many for-profit hospitals generate substantial revenue, while the very services they depend on are often underfunded.

We’re launching local tax initiatives to hold for-profit hospitals accountable. These corporations must pay their fair share in taxes to support the vital city services they rely on.

What cities have we filed initiatives in?

We are filing tax initiatives in Lynwood, Anaheim, and Inglewood.

What will the initiatives do?

If passed, the city would impose a 3% tax on for-profit hospitals’ gross revenue within city limits. The tax proceeds would go to the city’s general fund.

How can these initiatives improve the health of our community?

A hospital tax would propose a solution that ensures hospitals contribute their fair share to support these vital services. This would directly benefit residents relying on city services and the healthcare these hospitals provide.

When would these initiatives go into effect?

We are aiming to have them on the ballot in each city for the November 2024 General Election.

To learn more about each city initiative, click here:




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