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Labor/Management Checklist – Delta Variant Surge

To help protect Kaiser healthcare workers and our patients during the Delta variant surge, we have an update checklist for use both with facility management and coworkers to make sure everyone remains safe: Vaccination regulations and Delta variant surge – Kaiser

Labor/Management Checklist for the Reopening

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Many of our hospitals are resuming non-urgent procedures. We have a new checklist of safety questions that need credible answers at any facility that starts to reopen. Let’s all use it to ensure that we protects ourselves, our patients, and our communities as we enter this new phase of the pandemic.

Labor/Management Checklist for COVID-19 Surge

English | Tagalog | Spanish | Chinese
To help protect healthcare workers and our patients during the surge, SEIU-UHW members have put together a checklist you can use with both facility management and coworkers to make sure everyone is safe.

Critical Information about PPE

FAQ: PPE and Staying Safe on the Job

Center for Disease Control (CDC): Guide for Putting on PPE

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Antimicrobial Products List of registered products for use against coronavirus.

Safe Use of Respirator Masks

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Watch this OSHA training video on how to perform a seal check:

English | Spanish

Check out OSHA guides on safe use of respirator masks:

Three factors required for a respirator to be effective (pdf)

Frequently asked questions about respirator protection (pdf)

Center for Disease Control (CDC): Guidance on Extended Use of N95 Masks

The CDS has expanded on its existing guidance of extended use of N95 respirators, saying that a single mask should not be worn for longer than 8 to 12 hours — and that if an N95 mask is used for an extended time period, it should not be decontaminated and reused.

The CDC has produced these valuable guides on PPE:

FAQ About Respirator Protection

Three Factors Required for a Respirator to be Effective

Additional CDC Resources