“Fresenius increased their pay offer today because our pressure is working, but it’s still not good enough and it would do nothing to fix the staffing crisis or prevent us from caring for as many as 12 patients at once. This is why we came together in our union and it’s why dialysis workers continue to unionize across California.” Francesca Quijano, RN

In our last bargaining session management increased their offer because we continue to unite across California, but it’s still an insult and it won’t do a thing to address the staffing crisis.

We also reached an agreement with Fresenius negotiators to come and visit one of our clinics for a demonstration from frontline caregivers about what it actually takes to perform dialysis on our patients responsibly. More details coming soon.

We currently have tentative agreements with management on the following items:

  • Seniority
  • Job Vacancy Postings
  • Grievance and Arbitration 
  • Bereavement, Jury Duty, Military Leave 
  • Equal Employment (Non-Discrimination) 
  • Probationary Period 
  • Discipline & Discharge
  • Severability

Purple up to support our bargaining team in negotiations. Join our next bargaining session with Fresenius! Text #FixDialysis to 323.246.9006.

Bargaining Dates:

  • June 3, 2024
  • June 27, 2024

Tentative Agreements:

  • Grievance and Arbitration
  • Bereavement, Jury Duty, Military Leave
  • Equal Employment (Non-Discrimination)
  • Probationary Period Discipline & Discharge

Meet Our Bargaining Team:

  • Richard Guerrero, Fresenius Balboa East County
  • Carla Amezcua, Fresenius Camarillo
  • Eddie Fulinara, Fresenius Chula Vista South
  • Marie Francesca Quijano, Fresenius Chula Vista South
  • Alberto Villalon, Fresenius Brentwood Park
  • Adriana Tafito, Fresenius Brentwood Park
  • Yunis Cortez, Fresenius West Antioch
  • Norma Rodriguez, Fresenius East Lakes
  • Isaac Amado Moran, Fresenius East Lakes
  • Gladies Barron, Fresenius Elk Grove
  • Marlon Permison, Fresenius Elk Grove
  • Katherine Kam-Sy, Fresenius Fletcher Parkway
  • Tristan Amasa, Fresenius Fletcher Parkway
  • Maria Saucedo, Fresenius Fletcher Parkway
  • Alicia Isip, Fresenius Gateway East
  • Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Fresenius Juniper Ave
  • Alan Faustino, Fresenius Juniper Ave
  • Melanie Paysu, Fresenius North Fontana
  • Kevin Carr, Fresenius North Fontana
  • Samuel “Sammy” Espinoza, Fresenius Redlands
  • Lawrence Munji, Fresenius Redlands
  • Bonnie Oconer, Fresenius Riverside
  • Toni Mendoza, Fresenius Riverside
  • Brittany Sanchez, Fresenius University