Landing a new job, you might feel anxious about proving yourself, nervous about doing a good job and impressing your co-workers, or worried about getting through probation. Don’t fret.

Here are four things you can do to pass probation:

  1. Show up on time. Shifts, meetings, calls – all of those matter.
  2. Make sure you’re completing your job assignments – from the small stuff to the big projects, stay on top of your duties.
  3. If you’re confused about something, talk to your union steward. You aren’t alone. Your steward knows how you’re protected by your union contract and the culture at your facility.
  4. Know your contract, know your rights. Understanding what to expect from your employer and what they can expect from you is key. Log on to MyUHW for a copy of your contract.

Have other questions about how to pass probation? You can reach out to your steward on MyUHW.