Now that you voted for our new SEIU-UHW contract with HCA, let’s talk about what’s really on all our minds these days: the COVID-19 pandemic.

The surge is just starting, and we are already short on masks, gloves, gowns, face shields and other PPE. We’re worried about our own health, and our family’s too. While we work, we worry about our children who are at home because schools and daycares are closed.

It’s getting harder and harder to focus on our patients.

More than ever, we need our elected leaders to look out for us—and that means we need political strength.

With COPE, we have built that strength and we’re putting it to use. From California to the U.S. Congress, we’re working with our supporters to:

  • Secure more PPE for our hospitals
  • Find free childcare solutions for healthcare workers
  • Pass protections for renters and homeowners

To build our political power and protect healthcare workers during this pandemic, we need YOU to contribute to our political fund, COPE, right now.

Click here to sign up for COPE and build political power to protect healthcare workers.