Our pickets across California have sent a message to HCA that we are serious about our demands and we are united for all to win. Now it’s time to raise the stakes and show management we are ready to strike. HCA has backed off proposed cuts to education benefits because our strategy is working. Now it’s time to turn up the pressure and demand an end to this crisis.

Our bargaining team is fighting for fair wages and patient care, but management is doubling down on their demands to increase profits at all costs—even if it means taking away benefits we need, deserve, and fought for. We are fighting back, but we can’t do it alone. HCA is the largest and most powerful hospital company in the country, but they are nothing without each and everyone of us. Here’s what we are fighting for in negotiations:

  • Raise healthcare worker pay in line with inflation and cost of living
  • Establish a $25/hour healthcare minimum wage
  • Fix broken hiring processes and fill vacant positions
  • Invest in future healthcare workers to address understaffing

Button up to show our unity on Friday, April 7. If you have questions or need assistance reach out to a bargaining team member or union rep today.