Last week, our SEIU-UHW member-led bargaining team reached a historic contract settlement with HCA Healthcare in California that delivers on our priorities of investing in frontline workers and addressing the staffing crisis in our facilities. Over the past several days, hundreds of hospital workers have voted to approve the new 3-year agreement that includes:

  • 15% raises over three years — 5.75% year one, 5% year two, 4.25% year three
  • $21 minimum wage
  • No cuts to healthcare, education, or any other benefits
  • New 15-year step Adding the
  • Staffing Committee is back in our contract
  • An increase to $10 for standby pay
  • A 50-cent increase to pm / NOC shift differentials
  • A $500 fulltime / $250 part time ratification bonus

For months we have fought for this. We have spoken out at pickets across the state, called on our political allies to hold management accountable, and taken our case to the public in paid advertisements, billboards, and in news media.

We have made historic progress in California, but make no mistake, the fight for patient care continues at our facilities and across the nation. Here’s how we can keep winning at HCA Healthcare and beyond:

  • Staffing Committee: We need leaders committed to ensuring adequate staffing in our facilities to help hold management accountable.
  • Participate in COPE: HCA allocates $5 million a year towards political spending. We must fight back by contributing to cope and supporting our fight for $25 statewide.
  • The National Fight: The crisis in care at HCA is a national problem, but SEIU is fighting back, and HCA workers in other states need our support. Talk to a union rep to learn more.

Congratulations to our union family and the thousands of HCA Healthcare workers and patients who will benefit from this new agreement. Please take a moment to calculate your UHW increase by clicking below. Contact a union leader or union rep if you have questions or need assistance.