Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage Update

Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage Update

We just received confirmation from the cities of Los Angeles and Downey that the hospital industry’s deceptive referendum campaign has filed enough signatures to delay the implementation of the new $25/hr healthcare worker minimum wage laws.

What happens next: The cities are beginning the process to verify if the signatures submitted are valid. If the cities find the hospital industry has collected enough valid signatures, the healthcare worker minimum wage issue will be put before voters in the next election, currently March 2024. If the industry has failed to collect sufficient signatures, the ordinances will then go into effect.

What we can do: We are not letting up in our fight to establish a healthcare worker minimum wage and are pursuing every means to stop the hospital industry’s deceptive referendum. Sign up to be part of our rapid response team – you’ll hear as soon as there’s an action you can take to fight for the healthcare worker minimum wage.


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