Innercare’s Unlawful Anti-Union Activity Against Employees Voting YES to Join SEIU-UHW


Illegal Actions and Wrongful Termination of Employees

  1. Francisco Borjon, a 59-year-old janitor at Innercare El Centro for five years making $16.48 an hour, was placed on paid administrative leave and terminated shortly after publicly expressing his support for the union. Francisco is currently receiving medical treatment for his kidneys, but his termination interrupts his healthcare coverage provided by Innercare. Although Francisco’s wife works at Innercare and receives employer-paid healthcare, they’ll need to pay a $230 copay they cannot afford for Francisco’s treatments.
  2. Alejandro Ascolani, a 38-year-old bookkeeper at Innercare El Centro for two and a half years making $21.60/hr, was terminated for alleged overtime violations and unsatisfactory job performance despite his managers acknowledging they never trained him for his position. Alejandro and his wife are expecting a child in December. Innercare’s decision to terminate his employment not only leaves their growing family without health coverage, but also without an income they desperately need during historic rises in inflation and high cost of living.
  3. Jazmin Andrade, a medical assistant at Innercare El Centro, was terminated for past disciplinary actions that happened before Innercare workers filed for their union election — a strong indication that she’s been retaliated against for her outspoken support for unionization and refusal to sign Innercare’s anti-union petition.
  4. Nayeli Garcia, a 35-year-old janitor in housekeeping at Innercare El Centro for five years making $16.48/hr, was wrongfully terminated after management learned about her support of the union.

Anti-union consulting

Within several days of Innercare workers filing for their union election, Innercare contracted Reliant Labor Consultants. A daily average of two to four consultants have been reported at Innercare worksites holding captive audience meetings with HR and department managers twice a week, rotating throughout clinics in both Coachella and Imperial Valley.

If the terms and conditions are similar to previous Reliant Labor Consultants contracts, it is believed that Innercare is spending $400 per consultant per hour with no caps, plus travel expenses and reimbursed expenses, with a six-hour minimum fee for any day engaged in onsite work or remote educational services if deemed necessary. Those service rates amount to a minimum of $2,400 per day per consultant.


Threats and Intimidation Tactics

  • Jaime Padilla, an LVN at Innercare El Centro, was interrogated and intimidated by management when they asked him, “what is your political stance on unions?”, “do you have previous experience with unions?”, and alleging that an anonymous complaint about his work was being investigated by the state licensing board. Jaime has not received any notices from the state licensing board and stands confident in the quality of his work and dedication to his patients.
  • Innercare management has sent emails to workers engaging in protected concerted activity, coercing them and saying the union tells lies. They call protected concerted activity a “campaign ploy,” express their personal views about the union, and suggest that workers support the union as an excuse to cover up misconduct.
  • Three Innercare workers have claimed they’re on PTO but have been spotted clocked in and performing anti-union electioneering. These same workers have filed complaints against pro-union leaders for harassment.
  • Innercare employees are being called into captive-audience, closed-door meetings and warned about the negative consequences of unionizing.
  • Innercare management has sent misleading and false text messages that include news clips regarding SEIU Local 1000 and SEIU-UHW sexual harassment allegations.
  • Innercare has created a climate of fear, making their employees feel they have no choice but to sign management’s anti-union petition or face disciplinary action.


Surveillance Activities

  • Innercare leadership has hired security guards to search workers and their belongings as they enter clinic locations.
  • Innercare leadership has engaged in unlawful surveillance and polling of employees suspected of supporting the union, following employees outside of work hours and questioning them as they go to the restroom — further infringing on their privacy and rights.
  • Managers are filming workers, and supervisors have been instructed to monitor and report any pro-union activities, creating a climate of fear and mistrust among employees.


Bribes and Promises

  • Select employees — specifically anti-union workers — have been provided special treatment and perks such as travel to sway their vote and undermine the union’s efforts.
  • Drivers in Innercare’s anti-union committee are making $24/hr while non-anti-union committee drivers are paid $19/hr.
  • Management has provided benefits to workers during the critical period of unionization by purchasing new refrigerators and microwaves for facility break rooms.


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