Kaiser PSP Bonus

Kaiser PSP Bonus

Great news! Because of our hard work, our 2023 PSP payout will be $2,220 for any SEIU-UHW member with at least 1800 compensated hours in Northern California and Southern California. Workers with less than 1800 compensated hours will receive a prorated amount. That’s over seven hundred dollars more than the $1,500 minimum we negotiated in our contract last fall!

The only reason we are getting this is because we fought for it. When Kaiser does well, we deserve to do well.

After last year, when Kaiser denied us our PSP because it failed to meet its financial goals, we vowed to never again let that happen. We held the largest healthcare worker strike in US history with hundreds of our political allies standing with us, and bam! – Kaiser agreed to a guaranteed minimum PSP payout for this year and the years to come. Our unity and our political strength through COPE made this happen.

We don’t know yet exactly when our $2,220 will show up, but we should be seeing it in our paychecks in March.

You can learn more about the PSP and the other benefits coming our way at our upcoming CRE events. Stay tuned for dates and times at your facility.