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Strikes: Frequently asked questions

When do we strike and for how long? We will be walking out of our facilities on Monday, September 26, at 6am, and we expect to stay on strike for 5 days, ending on Friday, September 30, at 6pm. 

Do I need to picket on the strike day to support the strike? Yes, we need all SEIU-UHW members on the picket line to stand strong together. This is particularly important at shift changes and at times when we are holding a press conference or rally of solidarity.

Do I need to tell my supervisor I will not be reporting to work on the strike day? Should I call out? No, SEIU-UHW has given 10 days advance notice for the strike. You do not need to call out. Your supervisor may ask you if you are going on strike. Your bargaining team recommends a YES answer.

Can I strike if I am on probation? Yes, probationary employees have the same right as everyone else to strike. 

Can I be disciplined for participating in our strike? No. A strike is a protected concerted activity, and it is illegal for an employer to even threaten an employee with discipline. Please report any abuse by management immediately to a bargaining team member or SEIU-UHW representative.

Can non-union members join our picket line? Yes, other hospital workers can lend support (including RNs and doctors). on their own time (before work, during breaks and after work). 

Will we be paid for joining the strike? Our Union has a strike fund to help replace some of the wages lost in a strike. More details will be announced if and when we actually strike.

Will there be food on the strike line? Yes, SEIU-UHW will provide water, meals, and snacks. 

Can I bring my kids to the picket line? Yes! It will be a peaceful picket line and we will have fun times for kids and other family members to join us.

Please contact your union representative if you have questions or need assistance.