We began negotiations last year fighting against cuts to our benefits as management wanted to take away our meals and make us pay for parking. We went on strike for five days in the cold and rain when they broke the law and violated our rights by bargaining in bad faith.

They have tried to mislead us, claiming we are the reason they cannot offer enough pay to make ends meet. They have threatened our coworkers and tried to silence our voice at work when we demand better for our patients and for each other.

They have claimed they are broke even after making more than $1 billion dollars during the pandemic. They are taking millions from charity and losing even more on the stock market, while asking taxpayers to bail them out.

They are paying those who risked their lives as little as $17 an hour while their CEO is making millions, or more than $2,000 per hour. See below for a comparison of bargaining positions.

Across California, hospital workers have been making historic gains after the sacrifices of the pandemic at healthcare giants like HCA Healthcare, Dignity Common Spirit, John Muir Health, Stanford Healthcare and more.

Meanwhile, management at Marina del Rey is still pushing hard to keep our wages lower than other Cedars-Sinai workers—even though we provide care at one of the state’s premier hospitals.

We return to the bargaining table on July 13 to fight for a fair contract. Questions? Please contact a bargaining team leader or union representative.