After two years of fighting, we have secured our first contract at Dignity CommonSpirit by an overwhelming majority of 99% with guaranteed pay increases of 22% over the life of our agreement, exceptionally improved benefits, and meaningful safety improvements across our facilities.

“This four-year agreement is a historic investment in pay and benefits for security officers at Dignity CommonSpirit,” said Marc Mcliss from Mercy Hospital Folsom. “It’s what we were fighting for—to be equally recognized for the essential role we serve in our hospitals and to be able to hold management accountable to our safety concerns. We have achieved these things together and we will achieve much more!”

  • Guaranteed Across-the-Board (ATB) Increase of 21% over the life of our agreement
    • 2024: 8% (Includes a 4% increase in February and 4% in June)
    • 2025: 4% 
    • 2026: 4% 
    • 2027: 5% 
  • Guaranteed yearly step progressions of 2% for all officers below the top step in the new competitive wage scale.
  • Ratification Bonus:
    • Full Time: $350
    • Part Time: $200
    • Per Diem: $100
  • Fully Paid Family Medical Insurance: So those who ensure care for patients are also ensured care for themselves and their loved ones at home, we have secured an agreement that provides employer-paid health coverage for all benefitted security officers.
  • Protections against subcontracting: Our agreement includes language that puts limits on management’s ability to subcontract our work, while giving us the legal right to bargain over any future changes to our working conditions.
  • Differential Pay: Our bargaining team has negotiated lead, shift, and weekend differential pay rates to capture the value of our time serving as leads or coordinators, and working nights or on weekends.
    • Lead Differential: 10% above base rate
    • Shift Differential: Determined by facility
    • Weekend Differential: minimum of $.50/per hour
  • Officer safety: In response to widespread concerns about safety in our facilities, we have negotiated employer-provided safety protections that include body armor, radios with earpieces, task belts, handcuffs, badges, safety boots and more.

If you have questions, reach out to a bargaining team leader or union representative for more information.